Do I Really Need a Generator Service Plan?

Having a generator hooked up to your Cape Cod property is a surefire way to stay comfortable, no matter what Mother Nature decides is in store for local homeowners and business owners. But are you maintaining your generator to help ensure that it will be ready to kick on when you lose power and need a backup energy source? Here are some reasons you need to make sure you’re signed up for a generator service plan with a local Cape Cod HVAC provider like Snow’s Fuel Company.

Top Reasons to Enroll in Generator Service Plan on Cape Cod

Enjoy Greater Operational Reliability

Our generator service plan includes an annual tune-up, helping your system work more efficiently and reliably. You’ll even spend less on fuel when your generator is adjusted to the most optimal operating settings. In addition, a maintained generator can last twice as long as one that is not serviced regularly.

You Won’t Have to Stress about What Would Happen in Case of a Power Outage

Peace of mind is worth a lot these days—you have enough to worry about, so why let your generator stay within your existing collection of worries? Remove the mental load of being worried your generator won’t work. It’s simple: all you have to do is sign up for a generator plan with Snow’s.

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A Safety Inspection Is Included to Protect Your Cape Cod Property

We will conduct an inspection based on the recommendations from the manufacturer and industry best practices, helping your generator to run as it should and reducing the risk of an emergency situation arising at your Cape Cod home or business.

You Can Take Advantage of Emergency Service and Repair Discounts

If you do run into an emergency, you’ll be able to call Snow’s anytime knowing you have access to emergency and priority generator service 24/7/365. Plus, you’ll save on service work thanks to the 20% parts and labor discount included in your plan.

There Are Other Great Perks, Too

Finally, our generator service plan includes system transfer inspection, which makes sure that your generator will work and provide electricity if and when the power goes out. You can add optional propane tank monitoring if you’d like us to watch your propane tank and fill it automatically as needed.

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Ready to Enroll in a Generator Service Plan?

All in all, know that regular service can help to prevent unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. That’s exactly the reason we designed our generator service plan the way we did! Protect your generator by investing in a generator service plan from Snow’s Fuel Company; the important maintenance, parts coverage, safety evaluations, and peace of mind will be worth every penny the next time the power goes out. Click here to learn more or sign up for the generator service plan today.