Heating Service Plans

For ultimate protection and peace of mind regarding your heating system, enroll in a Snow’s Fuel Company service plan. Whether you heat with oil, propane, or natural gas, choose between two coverage options to protect your home, your family, and your wallet this winter.

Multiple Policy Discount

In addition to the savings you’ll experience from choosing one of our heating service plans, receive 10% off your Cooling Service Plan or Water Heater Service Plan when you enroll in any Premium or Standard Heating Service Plan!

Why Sign Up for a Heating Service Plan?

  • Avoid costly, unpredictable equipment malfunctions
  • Annual tune-ups and safety checks are already included
  • Receive discounts on service work at any time of the year
  • Rest assured with priority emergency service available
  • Dozens of parts are covered 100% for repair or replacement*

These plans help cover you from unnecessary heat-related costs and include the regular maintenance your system components need for safe, efficient operation. Just one defective part can decrease your system’s efficiency—or shut it down completely. And certain parts alone cost more than the plan itself! Taking the preventative approach to protect your investment in your HVAC equipment and your property can save you hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars quickly and with no hassle necessary.
*Applies to Premium Service Plan customers only

Why Snow's HVAC Service Plans Are Worth The Money


Hear from homeowners who have used Snow’s emergency heating service.