Seasonal Residents

Whether you are a seasonal or year-round Snow’s Fuel Company customer, you can count on us to protect your property, no matter how long you may be away from your residence. We take pride in keeping your home safe and protected throughout the year. Simply click the button below to update or submit your seasonal resident contact information.



New high-efficiency heating can save you up to 30-40% per year on fuel usage.


With extra security measures like Snow’s on-time deliveries, plumbing services, and innovative propane tank monitoring, we make it easier than ever to take care of your home, even when you’re away! Choose Snow’s as the energy company for your seasonal home and take advantage of these unbeatable benefits:

  • Automatic Fuel DeliveryProtect your seasonal home from fuel run-outs with automatic deliveries! Worry less about scheduling your refills; we’ll monitor your tank for you!
  • Home Monitoring System We’re here to help protect your seasonal home from heating emergencies with the latest monitoring technology that you can control right from your phone. Our systems make it easy to schedule refills on the go or while out of town so you can rest assured your Lower Cape home is protected.
  • Plumbing WinterizationWith the help of Snow’s, we can protect your seasonal Cape Cod home from frozen pipes and plumbing emergencies with our plumbing winterization services.

Get in touch with Snow’s Fuel to keep your seasonal Cape Cod home safe, comfortable, and protected for the next time you return back! Give us a call at (508) 255-1090 or click below to learn more about our seasonal resident home comfort services.


Seasonal Resident Contact Form in Cape Cod

Please help us continue to reach you effectively each winter by letting our office know if you have a new phone number, email address, or otherwise updated account information. For seasonal residents, this is particularly important so we can make sure your home is secure while you are away. Please also feel free to provide caretaker or snow removal information so we can easily get in touch with them should we need to.

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