Prep Your Cape Cod Home for Anything with a Generator

Living on the coast in a place as beautiful as Cape Cod has plenty of perks, like beach days in the summer, colorful foliage in the fall, and snow days in the winter, but living on the coast in a place that has all four seasons also comes with some unpredictability, like storms and potential losses of power. Is your home ready and protected for anything Mother Nature might bring? Hot and humid weather on the coast comes with thunderstorms, and the changing seasons in the fall and winter come with nor’easters. If you’ve lived in New England for a while, you know about snowstorms in the winter. You can keep your home safe and protected with a generator so you never have to worry about losing heat on a cold night or not having electricity during the hottest days of the year.

Worry Less about Home Comfort Each Storm

You may think a little storm and losing power for an hour or two isn’t a big deal, and truthfully, it probably isn’t. But there’s no way to guarantee that each storm is going to be small and that every power outage will be easily resolved. Going without power for more than a couple of hours can have major consequences, like food spoiling in the fridge, spending a night in freezing cold weather, having no way to prepare meals, or having no way to charge electronics. If all that sounds scary, it doesn’t have to! With a generator from Snow’s, you can avoid the worst of the worst and be ready for anything the changing seasons bring all year round.

Better Preparedness Means More Money & Energy Savings

Don’t worry about bouts of severe weather. Losing power can really put a dent in your wallet. In order to take advantage of the many benefits a generator has during a storm, you need to have one already installed by a licensed professional. That’s where we can help. As your local energy professionals, we carry top brands and service plans for all your generator needs.

Protect Your New Generator with a Service Plan

With a generator service plan from your Bay State energy experts at Snow’s, you’ll reap all the important benefits to extend the life of your equipment and ensure that it’s reliable. With a service plan, you’ll get:

  • Safety inspections
  • Annual tune-ups
  • Emergency & priority generator service
  • 20% discount on service work
  • System transfer inspection
  • Propane tank monitoring

If you’re ready to commit to protecting your home all year round, contact Snow’s for a quote. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions about generators and home comfort on Cape Cod.