HVAC, Oil, and Propane Services in Chatham, MA

Local Energy Experts of Cape Cod

As a member of the Chatham, MA community, you know the importance of having a dependable fuel delivery and HVAC service company.  Snow’s Fuel Company prides itself on reliability no matter the weather outside with quality customer service and professionalism. Trusted HVAC repairs, a range of high-efficiency heating and air conditioning products we supply and install, fuel delivery, Bioheat® heating oil and propane fuels, and convenient plumbing and water treatment services, are all part of our mission to provide all of your home comfort needs!

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Propane Delivery for Customers in Chatham, MA

Propane, also known as LP gas, is a trusted heating fuel for cooking or home heating needs. In Cape Cod, Snow’s Fuel Company offers the best price and service for your propane use. You won’t regret choosing us for your fuel deliveries!

We don’t just deliver your fuel, our propane services for Chatham, MA homeowners go above and beyond! You’ll find our numerous service options take care of your entire home so that you get more benefits for your home.

Place an order for your LP gas fill-up to add comfort to your home!


Bioheat Heating Oil Service in Chatham, MA

Are you using Bioheat fuel oil to heat your home? If not, then make the switch today for a more environmentally friendly home heating oil option. Snow’s Fuel Company provides delivery of this clean fuel option at an affordable price for homeowners of Chatham, MA.

You might be using standard #2 heating oil in your home, but Bioheat can offer a whole new perspective to the way you currently heat your home. For Cape Cod residents, making the switch to Bioheat can benefit you in many ways.

  • Not sure what Bioheat is? Your standard home heating oil is combined with biodiesel, which contains renewable resources like plant oils. These plant oils help lower our carbon footprint to help move toward a sustainable future in oil heat.
  • What does it cost? If you’re already enrolled in Snow’s Fuel Company fuel oil delivery, then Bioheat heating oil won’t cost you anything extra.
  • Do I need to get a new heating system? No need to change your current heating equipment if you already heat your home with oil. The oil burner, heating oil tank, and boiler or furnace you currently use is already compatible with Bioheat.

Have more questions about Bioheat? Contact our Cape Cod specialists at Snow’s Fuel Company today to learn more. Click here to get in touch today!


Fuel Delivery Options for Cape Cod Homeowners

Whether you heat your home with heating oil or propane, Snow’s Fuel Company will offer you convenient options for payment and delivery. Homeowners of Chatham, MA are enrolling today to help budget their home energy use.

  • Automatic Oil & Propane Delivery
  • Pay per Oil & Propane Delivery
  • Will-Call Fuel Delivery
  • Budget Plans
  • Fuel Price Security
  • Price per Gallon Money Off

Pick the oil or LP gas fuel delivery option or payment plan for comfort and peace of mind for all of your home heating needs!


Home Monitoring for Your Lifestyle

Whether you’re a seasonal or year-round Cape Cod resident, Snow’s Fuel Company will take care of your home. As a Chatham, MA resident, we’ll make sure your home is protected when you’re in the area or away for an extended period of time. What we do to protect your home:

  • First, we install a modem that connects to your internet or through our cellular service.
  • Then, we place heat sensors in your house that monitor if there’s a drop in temperature. If necessary, we’ll contact you directly after assessing the issue in a timely manner.
  • We place a rocket on your fuel tank to transmit the level of fuel inside it. This helps to avert a run-out by letting us know when you need fuel. If you do need fuel, we will schedule your delivery for you.
  • The system will run self-tests to make sure it’s properly maintained.

The weather is unpredictable, but the temperature of your home doesn’t have to be. Enroll in our Home Monitoring Program to have peace of mind all year long whether you’re home in Chatham, MA or away.


Backup Generators & Service

It’s never a bad idea to ensure added protection to your Chatham, MA home when there’s extreme weather. No matter the turn the weather takes in Cape Cod, make sure your home is protected in the summer and winter seasons during power outages. Snow’s Fuel Company will make sure you’re taken care of with complete backup generator service and installation. Gas-powered generator installation is as easy as hooking-up to your existing propane supply!

  • Generator service plans
  • Generator tune-ups and safety inspections once a year
  • Installation of Generac® standby generators
  • Generator repairs and replacements

Contact Snow’s Fuel Company before your next power outage! We’ll give you a quote on your standby generator installation today!