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Reviews of Snow’s Fuel Company in Orleans, MA

Richard did a great job scheduling my heating system inspection. I had to re-schedule an earlier appointment after our mid-October guests requested to extend their stay an additional week leaving only a brief opening before our November guests arrived.

Karl did a great job servicing our Bosh tankless hot water heating system. He replaced the Bosh electrode/igniter set and made all the necessary adjustments to get the system working at top efficiency. He was polite, knowledgeable, and professional.

The service I received from both of these individuals exceeded my expectations and reflected well on Snow’s Fuel Company.

As an “off Cape” homeowner, maintaining heat and A/C are two of my top priorities. I have done business with Snow’s Fuel Company since 1987 and value the quality service you provide and ‘personal relationship’ you extend me.

Dana C.
Brewster, MA

The technician was very pleasant, and he arrived on time. His work was efficient, and he clearly understood the generator he inspected and tuned. As always, very satisfied with Snows.

Bill R.
Brewster, MA

Friendly, speedy and efficient!

Ed C.
Truro, MA

I have been a happy customer of Snow’s Fuel Co. for about 20 years. They have always treated me very well. I have always received immediate attention whenever I had any problems. They are dependable and excellent people to work with. I hope it will always be that way. It is not usual to have a nice relationship with any Company today! Thank you, Snows!

Toni G.
Wellfleet, MA

Our family has relied on Snow’s Fuel for decades. We’ve never been disappointed with the quality and level of service they’ve provided.
Philip B.
Eastham, MA

We had two issues for Snow’s recently: annual furnace maintenance – performed by Jeffrey Hunter: prompt and courteous and handled the assignment like an experienced pro. Final repair for outdoor HVAC compressor ductwork/line set was arranged promptly and managed effectively by Richard; Dan and Ryan performed the on-site maintenance and repairs- “knew what they were doing”: they provided professional and prompt and courteous service. Totally satisfied customer. Thank you.

Jay S.
Wellfleet, MA

Excellent, prompt, friendly service

Orleans, MA

Bob arrived on time and was very helpful. He explained the heating system to me and gave me feedback as to the condition of the system since the last servicing. He even warned me about making sure the thermostats had fresh batteries and showed me how to change them.

Bob did a great job.

Thank you.

Rebecca S.
Eastham, MA

Our cottage had an oil tank that was over 50 years old. I called Snow’s Fuel Company and they set up an appointment to take a look at the tank and give me a quote. The person who was in charge of removing the tank came to the cottage right on time at the scheduled day. The price was fair and similar to another quote we got. We chose Snow’s because it is a local company with great customer service.

The tank was removed, everything was cleaned up and we are happy to have had Snow’s do the project.

I recommend Snow’s if you need a new oil tank.
Joanne Q.
Eastham, MA

The man from Snow’s was on time knew what he was doing and did his job efficiently and well. We are appreciative that Snow’s employs such good people.
Anita and David K.
Orleans, MA

Snow’s Fuel Company is wonderful to deal with. It’s the people that really make being a customer so great. Jorge had always been there for me over the years, and now I can look to Harrison for that, he has been so helpful during the transition.
Georgianna F.

From quote to installation to annual service Snows has done a fine job with our Fujitsu mini-splits. They have also been our reliable propane supplier for 16 years.
David S.
Eastham, MA

Great service as usual – the technician answered all of my questions and was very courteous.
Vanessa S.
Orleans, MA

Part of a long tradition and love of Cape Cod, Snow’s Fuel Oil is reliable, supportive and will always find a way the best support their Family of customers.
Suzanne P.
Eastham, MA

I am very pleased with Snow’s Fuel Oil Co. There service people are very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable and the quality of their work is outstanding. All my dealings with them have had excellent results. Thank you all.
James D.
Harwich, MA

Snow’s is the best. Harrison has been wonderful. I’ve been a customer for a long time with Jorge and now that Harrison has taken over I still feel well cared for. Thank you!
George F.

I have always found Bob to be an excellent technician. He has always been prompt and helpful. This time was no different.
Fred G.
Eastham, MA

As always your service for the heating system yearly maintenance was perfect. The tech was on time, polite, and cleaned up after the work was completed.

On a separate issue, we were having problems with the air conditioner not cooling. The tech was thorough in his diagnosis and resolved the problem. Very patient individual.
George M.
Wellfleet, MA

The gentleman who came did a great job, questioned, and listen. He saw the problem and solved it very satisfied. Thank you.
Genevieve D.
Eastham, MA

Quick, friendly service, as always
John S.

Orleans, MA

As always I was pleased with the service for my AC. Thank you.
Elizabeth H.

Wellfleet, MA

The technician arrived earlier than the scheduled time and serviced both the generator and the air conditioner. He was courteous and efficient. Excellent service from Snows!
Donald W.

Brewster, MA

Thanks to Richard and Dan and Ryan for knowledgeable and prompt and courteous service. We were in a jam – compressor refrigerant leak /no AC – during the recent heatwave. Richard juggled the schedule to attend to our needs within 24 hours. Much appreciate the attention. Best – Jay
Jay S.

Wellfleet, MA

I’m very pleased with the service. The workers were on time and very courteous . One time they had to come back to the house more than once. They didn’t leave me over the weekend without fixing the problem. Excellent service
Penelope S.

Orleans, MA

Snows installed a split air conditioning system and an oil burner in my home in Chatham. I find them reliable and Kevin always answers questions and is readily available by phone and email.
Snow’s Customer

Chatham , MA

We were experiencing chronic malfunction with our Fujitsu HVAC.
Richard Cronin (x139) in service was courteous and prompt to respond and,as always, knowledgeable.Although we were visited by Snow’s service personnel a couple of times : it was Dan Grozier with an able assist from Ryan who identified the issue, and thru Richard ordered the necessary part – of importance to us: there was continuity in the team membership that attended to our issue – sure makes a difference : didn’t need to start over each visit retelling the story of our problem. We do lots of biz with Snow’s Fuel for our home in Wellfleet (tho we live in Cambridge) : it is wonderful to have an opportunity to applaud the professional and courteous and prompt service provided by Richard Cronin and his team. Thank you. Jay Shapiro

Jay S.

Wellfleet, MA

I found it very easy to pay by credit card.

Orleans, MA

Thank you for the prompt installation of a hot water tank —then coming back quickly to follow-up on the furnace valve— as well as to complete a couple of small finishing details . The prompt and courteous service are greatly appreciated.
Judy W.

Eastham, MA

The service call response was very good. The next service call was very good also. Thank you to Richard and the service department who are always so helpful especially when there is an issue. I have been a satisfied Snow’s customer for almost 40 years.
Bill S.

Brewster, MA

Thank you for the timely, efficient renovation/updating of our cottage’s outdoor shower.
Greg C.

Eastham, MA

A very nice man was here for annual maintenance on our ductless air conditioning. Worked quickly and efficiently. We were very pleased with the service.

Robert A.

Wellfleet, MA

Kevin and the Snow’s team:
I continue to be impressed by your professionalism and how well you do things. I asked Kevin a bunch of questions and had answers back first thing this morning. I asked for propane and it was delivered by 1pm. You guys rock.

Joseph K.

Harwich, MA

Your company installed a Generac generator. Your service was excellent including all the communications, especially since you were at the mercy of Northern Grid. Would recommend you to anybody. Special thanks to Kevin!

William M.

Eastham, MA


One word comes to mind when I think of Snow’s Fuel Company: trust. I have a relationship with the people at Snow’s Fuel. I trust them to take care of my home with the kind of attention they would for their own homes. Snow’s Fuel Company has served us for twenty years with only success stories– their work, their timeliness, their kindness is always the best.

Kathleen H.

Truro, MA


Service was quick and efficient. Best of all, the gentleman that stopped by showed me how to turn the propane off. Amazing, I didn’t know it was just a knob on top of the tank. He was very patient and didn’t seem to mind teaching me about my tank.



I have received very high quality service from Snow’s for 25 years now. They have always been diligent and helpful in taking care of my fuel and furnace needs. I appreciate the service you have given me over the years!

Robert P.

Wellfleet, MA


From 1996 to the present I’ve received nothing but the best service from the very professional fuel delivery and furnace service people at Snow’s. The office staff is great, too!

Eileen G.


Great experience with a recent generator installation.

Kathleen B.


Tony was very professional on a cold night and courteous as well as knowledgeable. He even made a follow-up call to make sure I was OK later. I know service is your business but it truly was good service. I’m glad I have used Snow’s Fuel for decades. Thanks again, Tony.

Melanie S.
Brewster, MA


My husband and I built our home in 1979 with only one zone for heating. Several years later, we added onto the house and added another zone. The boiler that we had could handle this so we had no worries. Several years after another addition, a new zone was added. To tell the truth, I do not know if the boiler could handle this new addition as we had a lot of solar exposure during the day and we heated with wood. It was after the final addition that we started having issues with reduced or no heat to some areas of our house. The lesson learned in this, is to question the installer which we never did. We just assumed and assumed wrong that they knew what they were doing. It is important to note that Snow’s did not do any of the original installation.

Kevin Corcoran was great. He came over and pointed out to us that the piping was not done correctly and zones were crossing over or joined so we were not getting heat where it was needed. Since the boiler was working overtime to keep up with the heat requirement, the life expectancy was shortened.

We made the decision to redo the piping and to replace the boiler. We just cannot believe how neat and organized everything is and I now heat in all zones. The staff even labeled all of the equipment! We are so happy with the quality of work that was done. A big thank you to Kevin, Herb, Gary, Dan, Bob, Mike & Tony for a job well done.

Thank you Snow’s Fuel Company.
Kathy H.


I wish I didn’t need these guys as much as I do, but when I do they are great. They always answer the phone, schedule time to help, arrive when they say, and always fix the problem with efficiency and quality. You couldn’t ask for more…

Joseph B.
Eastham, MA


I really appreciate the determination, patience and good humor of your team in seeing this through.

A friend of mine told me a story about their Thanksgiving a year ago when they went around the table asking each person what they were thankful for. One of the 8-year-old grandchildren replied that he was thankful for Snow’s. Perceptive kid.

Cheers and thanks –


I want to take this opportunity to thank and commend Snow’s Fuel Division for the installation of our new ductless air conditioning system. In particular, thanks to Kevin Corcoran, who convinced us that Snow’s had the system that would best suit our needs after other bids we received. He gave us options to consider that no one else had recommended. His professionalism and expertise in your product were instrumental in our decision to go with Snow’s for this job, as well as Snow’s reputation. We would also like to thank the installers, Joe and Tony who did an excellent job and explained everything as they proceeded through the installation. They worked diligently and their expertise was demonstrated through every step of the process. The whole project was completed timely and met or exceeded all of our expectations. Please pass along our thanks to the whole team for a job well done!!

Jim and Cathy T.
Eastham, MA


Snow’s Fuel Company is amazing! I called them yesterday at 4:30pm to say we were out of propane, mentioned that we do have a backup space heater that was more than sufficient and was told they would be out first thing in the morning to fill the tank. I thought that would be great — but low and behold – at 8:30pm — the same day — Gary Boudreau is in our driveway in Eastham with an emergency propane tank to get us through the night. He even made sure that the pilot light was restarted without us even asking. Snow’s Fuel truck did show up this morning to fill up the original tank. Much appreciated Gary…

Sharise N.


Good afternoon!
I wanted to thank all involved at Snow’s for the great service we received yesterday. One of our homeowners ran out of oil due to the laziness of their drivers. I called Richard in the fuel department and he worked magic. The house was back up and running in no time and we avoided what could have been a freeze-up. We appreciate our relationship with Snow’s and the willingness to work together as a team for the good of our customers! We all look like rock stars!

HomeWatch, Inc.


Aquacultural Research Corp. has been very satisfied with the services of Snow’s Fuel. Snow’s reviewed all our energy requirements before working with us to set up a new propane delivery system. Snow’s Fuel has also established a pricing structure based on our fuel oil consumption patterns. With both propane and fuel oil being serviced by Snow’s, ARC has been able to lower its energy costs. We really appreciate the close attention and follow-up Snow’s has shown and we know we can depend on their timely response and positive action in support of our business.

Gail Hart
Vice President
Aquacultural Research Corp. Dennis, MA


Our family has had a long tie with Snow’s going back to my father, a businessman who, back in the fifties, had some conversations with founder, Harry Snow, he admired as a forward-looking and honorable man. Fast forward to our present unique Snow’s. Who else in all the world carries curtain shade pulls, fine china, paint in all shades, children’s trains, pretty quilts, garden hoses, and oil? Through all the weather, both emotional and physical, Snow’s has carried me through. They have always answered my calls. Like most people I’ve had some critical life moments and Snow’s has never let me down. I love the fuel department and know them all — Richie, the longest and Kathy, their accountant. The paint department is superlative. You can ask them anything. And the hardware department always finds that screw.

Thank God for Snow’s!
Nancy N.


Snow’s Fuel has been my company for fuel and service since moving to Cape Cod in 1985. After my husband passed away, I knew I could call the staff at Snow’s and they would answer any question that I might have about service, deliveries or understanding my bill. The friendly, caring staff & quality service is why I keep Snow’s as my fuel company.

Jean R.
Home Owner


Collins Cove Cottages has had Snow’s Fuel providing service & fuel for many years. We know that no matter what time of day, night or season, Snow’s will respond to our and our guests’ needs. We have the utmost confidence in Snow’s Fuel and its staff to provide quality service and fuel to meet the needs of our business.

Collins Cove Cottages


We would like to thank Snow’s for peace of mind. We live in the United Kingdom with a summer home on Cape Cod and we cannot just jump in the car to check on our home. It is a comfort to know that Snow’s Fuel is monitoring our home and responding quickly when needed. Thank you for having multiple choices of service contracts and services. We were able to customize our service based on our needs. Thank you. See you this summer.

Joe & Laura P.
Eastham, MA


I had 4 estimates, all about the same estimate. Snows, offered 97% efficient which made their price even better. Plus, a Wi-Fi thermostat was included, which is eligible for an additional rebate. As far as the installation, the crew arrived on time and things went smoothly…To sum it up, everything went well from Kevin doing the estimate to completion of the job. Definitely would recommend.

Steven P.
Orleans, MA


I would like to thank and commend Kevin, your 24-hour serviceman who came to my aid. He was super nice and knowledgeable. I was hesitant to switch propane companies with my move to Orleans but you had serviced this house with the previous owner. I am confident in my decision to go with Snow’s. You are a fantastic company! Thank you!

Amy R.
Orleans, MA


Many, many thanks for going over to our house and sorting out the A/C so that my daughter and further family arriving didn’t have to sweat the whole week! You all at Snow’s take such good care of your customers. Thank you so much! Living so far away from some of our children, it is so nice to know that we have you close by. You are always so professional and make every effort to accommodate.

Joe & Laura P.
Eastham, MA


This family owned and operated business can always be counted on to be there when you need them and always do the right thing for you, the customer.

John L.
Orleans, MA


Please let me express my thanks for setting up the two service contracts, for AC and my burner, last week — you certainly had my interests in mind, saving me $81.70. You certainly deserve a tribute for understanding my needs and making me feel comfortable during my visit there in Orleans.

Fred A.
Wellfleet, MA


Always attentive. If a problem arises, their response/service comes without delay…I’m glad I signed up with Snow’s.

Dr. Mercedes C.
Wellfleet, MA


A note to thank you and your staff for the high quality service I have enjoyed as one of your customers. Recently, I was dealing with a variety of plumbing and air conditioning issues. All I had to do was call Richard and the ball was rolling quickly in the right direction, whether it was to get on Kevin’s schedule for a ductless A/C problem or Herb’s for help with pipes, valves, and toilets. Then late last week, Ashley kept the tradition going in Richard’s absence with very prompt and effective responses to my calls. It is reassuring and a pleasure to deal with a group that is so capable, friendly, and responsive. Kudos and thanks to you all!

Eastham, MA


I cannot say enough good things about the service department, its staff, and the services provided at Snow’s. We have been customers of Snow’s ever since we built our home on Cape Cod over thirty years ago and among the many exceptional fuel services Snow’s has offered us is their Home Monitoring System. With this monitoring service we have been able to enjoy our home without the constant attendant worry of home ownership from afar. Whenever we lost power, the phone connection required for our monitor wasn’t working, or our furnace didn’t function properly, this system alerted Snow’s and their service technicians were immediately dispatched to troubleshoot and remedy the problem(s). In addition to its emergency response features, this home monitoring system also assures us of regular preventative monitoring of our home’s temperature, oil reserves, and overall furnace performance, all of which give us tremendous peace of mind when we are away from our Cape Cod home.

But home monitoring systems and the like are only as good as the people who oversee them, and in Snow’s we are fortunate to have both the technology and the human touch. Over the years the personal attention, support, and excellent, responsive, comprehensive service we have enjoyed with Snow’s personnel, especially Richard and Jorge, have lead us to regard these individuals more like “big brothers” as well as longtime friends. Whatever the presenting issue, be it with our furnace, oil monitoring system, phone service to the latter, or weather and driveway access challenges, Snow’s has been there to anticipate our needs, provide preventative solutions, and immediately and effectively ameliorate whatever attendant problems present themselves. Snow’s service department staff have guided us through the selection and acquisition of both our previous and our current oil monitoring systems as well as our new hot water heater system, and all of these purchases have been extremely effective energy savers, each in its own right. In sum, Snow’s service department personnel are extraordinarily helpful, considerate, and responsible professionals who forever have our back, whether we’re on Cape Cod or away.
Thank you for your continuing state-of-the-art service, both technical and personal.

MaryLou R. & Mary S.
Brewster, MA


We were very pleased with the installation of a new humidifier and how the technician explained how it worked — your service has always been excellent and we would recommend you to anyone! Thank you!!

Anne and Ward
Eastham, MA


Thank you so much for your prompt and emergency service. My neighbor, whose husband had just passed, took shelter at my house the only one with a generator. Just what I expect from Snows — excellent service. Thanks again.


Orleans, MA


We recently had Snow’s Fuel install a Fujitsu modular A/C unit in our condo. And now in August, what a difference! First, the sales, scheduling, and installation team at Snow’s were a delight to work with, going out of their way to assure timely and efficient work. Kevin and his service people completed the install in one short afternoon and we were up and working! And there was hardly a footprint to indicate they’d been here.

The unit is functioning quietly and beautifully, the price was right, and we have the confidence that Snow’s service specialists stand ready to respond with any service needs we may have in the future. Highly recommend Snow’s Fuel for your HVAC needs!

Harwich Port, MA


I found out that I needed to have a propane tank recertified and I was told that your fuel division did this. I stopped in this morning and went into the office where I encountered “Fred”. Fred took me out to the propane area where he checked my tank and found it to be in good shape except for some minor rust spots. He explained how I should touch it up with Rustoleum. But then he reached to a shelf and took down a spray can and did the spots himself. He filled the tank, then took me to the office where I paid. All the while he was extremely cordial and friendly.

I want you to know what a good ambassador you have. He didn’t have to do the maintenance on the tank, and he went out of his way to explain the process of recertification and how I should maintain the tank going forward.

By the way, I had been going to Agway to get refills in the past. They told me I had to get the tank recertified and that Snows could do it. While Agway is a bit more convenient because it is closer to my home, I will be converting to Snows now. You not only have good people like Fred, your refill charge for a 20 lb. tank is $16.50 compared to $19.99 at Agway.



I have been a customer since purchasing my home in 2003. Being only a part-time resident I required a way to maintain the services of the home while absent. Today Snow’s monitors the fuel supply and the temperature in the home, responding with fuel or service as needed. They also now service as requested the well water filtering.

It is comforting to know the home is safe, the service dependable, and communication as needed is courteous and responsive.

Eastham, MA