The Value of Snow’s Full Service

Why choose Snow’s as your fuel company year after year?

The answer is service.

It’s more than delivering quality fuel at affordable prices to our neighbors in Orleans, MA, and throughout our Cape Cod service area; it’s about providing complete energy services for your comfort and peace of mind.

When you choose a full-service energy provider like Snow’s Fuel Company, you can take advantage of heating repair and installation services, air conditioning repair and installation services, generator services, plumbing services, home monitoring, automatic oil delivery, automatic propane delivery, and more. Can you say that about your current oil or propane provider?

Many homeowners make the mistake of doing business with discount fuel providers. What they may not realize at the time of placing an order is this: the slightly lower price per gallon is a significant trade-off for reliability, safety, and comfort you can count on. In reality, using a full-service provider like Snow’s pays off the most!


Snow’s Fuel Company:

  • Unbeatable Customer Service
  • Service Plan Options
  • Budget Plan Options
  • Automatic Propane Delivery
  • Automatic Oil Delivery
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Competitive Fuel Prices
  • Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
Discount Fuel Providers:

  • Check Your Own Fuel Levels
  • No Emergency Service
  • No Technicians
  • Find Your Own Repairman

Cape Cod, MA Home Getting HVAC Services or Fuel Delivery

Compare the Difference Snow’s Discounter
24/7 Emergency Service YES NO
Trained, Licensed, and Experienced Service Technicians YES NO
No Extra Charge for Small Deliveries YES NO
More Than a Century of Experience YES NO
Oil Heating, Gas Heating, Air Conditioning, Generator, Plumbing, and Home Monitoring Services YES NO
NO Hidden Delivery or Service Fees YES NO
Outstanding Customer Service YES NO