Fuel Conditioners

Fuel additives along with proper annual maintenance help to keep oil heating systems running efficiently and without trouble. Supplying all of our Cape Cod heating oil customers with enhanced fuel is a benefit for your property and our value to you.

HEATDOC™ Fuel Additive

Our premium heating oil contains HEATDOC, a state-of-the-art heating oil conditioner which helps improve fuel efficiency and protect your heating equipment. There is no additional charge for this product. You will experience the benefits of improved fuel efficiency and fewer service calls due to fuel-related malfunctions or fails.

What are the benefits?

  • Advanced dispersant helps clean the storage tank gradually and continuously cleans the entire fuel system to reduce nozzle and filter plugging.
  • Corrosion inhibitor prevents rust in heating oil systems, trucks, and storage tanks.
  • Metal deactivator prevents sludge formation generated from yellow metal contamination.
  • Middle distillate tri-stabilizer extends the fuel storage time of #2 heating oil, biofuel blends like Bioheat®, and ultra-low sulfur fuels.

Save money and lengthen the life of your equipment with the added power of HEATDOC. Contact Snow’s to place your next heating oil delivery or click here to learn more about becoming a Snow’s customer.