Propane Heating Benefits

Why choose propane for your home heating? There are many propane home heating benefits, and we at Snow’s are here to provide the best propane service available to Cape Cod residents.

Propane Heating Benefits

There are a lot of reasons why we at Snow’s are proud to offer propane to Lower Cape residents. Not only can the fuel conveniently be used for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications; it’s safe, clean, affordable, domestically produced, and the list goes on. See for yourself with this video!

Keeping You Safe

We take pride in keeping our customers safe by transporting and delivering your fuel carefully as well as performing routine safety checks on your propane equipment. Should a propane leak occur, the fuel has an added odor that is easily detectable. If you have questions about propane safety, please contact our office anytime. For greater peace of mind for the safe operation of your system, don’t forget to schedule your annual tune-up!

Have questions about your propane heating system or appliances?

Make sure your heating system and appliances are prepared for cold temperatures with these tips.
Propane FAQs

Protecting the Environment

Unlike natural gas, propane is not considered a greenhouse gas and is safe for the environment if released into the atmosphere. One of the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels, propane is an approved clean fuel.

Saving Valuable Energy Dollars

If you already heat your home with propane, upgrading your current propane-fired boiler or furnace can save you up to 40% on fuel costs annually. Upgrading to a new heating system can also give you peace of mind that your equipment is less likely to need emergency repair.

Fueling All of Your Home Appliances

This multi-purpose fuel can be used for home heatingwater heating, clothes drying, cooking, grilling, and more. Like heating oil, propane customers choose which local company delivers your fuel and services your equipment. Unlike major utilities, we at Snow’s Fuel Company are close by and available to assist you 24/7 should you need emergency service.