Things to Consider Before Converting to Natural Gas

Are you considering converting your home or business on Cape Cod to natural gas? Before you take the leap, there are some serious factors to consider. Weigh these potential obstacles as “cons” against your current list of “pros” to make an educated decision about converting to natural gas. You might find that natural gas is actually not the best option for you, and another alternative could be the right move for your family’s comfort and safety. Here’s why you should stop and think before converting to natural gas:

Potential Problems with Converting to Natural Gas on the Cape

Problem #1 – Equipment Service
Natural gas service is a utility, like electricity, that does not come with any kind of service. Once you become a natural gas customer, you will have to find a local service provider to call for equipment conversion, installation, or repairs.

Heating oil and propane users can order fuel delivery from full-service energy providers. You can call one phone number for heating fuel delivery, HVAC service, equipment installations, and more.

Problem #2 – Inconvenience
Converting to natural gas is no walk in the park. When you become a natural gas customer, you will have to convert more than just your heating system! You will also have to convert all of your appliances or invest in brand-new equipment. This can be a long and expensive process.

If your home or seasonal residence already has heating oil or propane heating equipment, you’re good to go! In need of new equipment? Both high-efficiency heating oil and propane systems are more efficient than ever and deliver significant cost savings.

Problem #3 – Safety
In September of 2018, thousands of Merrimack County residents were evacuated from their homes due to natural gas explosions.

Heating oil is extremely safe. It is nonexplosive and does not burn in a liquid state, meaning it is nearly impossible to ignite. Propane, another very safe fuel option, is highly regulated by national regulatory agencies to ensure safe operation. We at Snow’s follow all industry requirements to keep heating oil and propane customers safe.

Problem #4 – Customer Service
Natural gas utility service is a large-scale business that handles customer service from major call centers. If you need to communicate with your natural gas service provider, you won’t be dealing with a local customer service representative.

Choosing heating oil or propane delivery from a local full-service fuel and HVAC company like Snow’s means doing business with people who live and work in your community. When you call us for service, you’ll speak to a local representative and receive professional service work from a friendly, familiar face.

Choosing Heating Oil or Propane Instead

Sign up for reliable propane delivery or heating oil delivery from a local Cape Cod company you can trust. Snow’s propane delivery and heating oil delivery service is dependable and affordable. Plus, as a propane or heating oil customer, you’ll enjoy all the perks of working with a full-service energy provider, like flexible budget plans, professional HVAC service, friendly customer service, and so much more.

Looking to convert from natural gas to propane or heating oil? It’s not that expensive to switch back! Contact Snow’s to learn more about propane delivery, heating oil delivery, and natural gas conversions.