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Why Your Cape Home Needs a Standby Generator Now

Many Americans are wondering where 2017 will fall on the list of worst Atlantic hurricane seasons in US history. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria caused $200 billion in damage, and the season isn’t over yet. With these catastrophes top of mind, homeowners throughout the country are taking preparedness measures seriously. Wondering what you can […]

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Choosing the Right Fuel Provider

A lot of factors come into play when looking at options for a new oil or propane provider near your home. Are they priced competitively? Do they have good reviews? Do they offer more than just COD fuel delivery? The grass is always greener on the other side… or is it? When you choose a […]

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No Power? No Problem.

Imagine this: it’s day two of a heatwave on Cape Cod. As you seek refuge in your home with the A/C turned up, you notice the sky getting dark. Really dark. Suddenly, lightning flashes all around, thunder rattles the house, and trees shake violently in the wind. And then… silence. But not because the storm […]

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