Bioheat® Fuel Delivery on Cape Cod

Snow’s Fuel Company is proud to deliver Bioheat® fuel to homes and businesses on Cape Cod. We deliver Bioheat® fuel because we are committed to providing cost-effective, renewable energy options to our customers. Bioheat® fuel is better for the environment and most importantly, requires no expensive conversions. You can use Bioheat® fuel in your existing heating system right now.


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What Is Bioheat® Fuel?

Bioheat® fuel is made by blending ultra-low sulfur heating oil with renewable biodiesel. Since 2007, our heating oil has been a blend of 5% biodiesel and 95% heating oil, commonly referred to as B5 Bioheat® fuel.

Benefits of Bioheat® Fuel

Bioheat® Fuel Contains Less Carbon

Bioheat® fuel is cleaner for the air we breathe and the environment. It is nontoxic, nonexplosive, biodegradable, and produces significantly fewer emissions than traditional fuel oil. Bioheat® fuel is the only heating fuel that can lower its carbon content over time. The industry is working toward increasing biodiesel blends, which will continue to reduce carbon emissions over time.

Bioheat® Fuel Is Better

Bioheat® fuel has been thoroughly tested through independent studies and was found to improve performance and air quality when blended with traditional heating oil. In addition, the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified B5 because it meets their strict standards of performance. It also supports more than 62,000 jobs in the country, contributing to our national and local economy.

Bioheat® Fuel Is Safer

Because Bioheat® fuel is made with renewable biodiesel, it is a standout among alternative energy. Fewer greenhouse gas and carbon emissions are safer for our environment and our health. In fact, new research shows that using Bioheat® fuel and biodiesel reduces cancer risk, respiratory illness, and even premature death.

Check out this great resource for more information on Bioheat® fuel:


Bioheat® Fuel with HEATDOC™

In addition to providing a more efficient heating oil, we’re committed to helping your equipment run smoothly and effectively by complementing our Bioheat® fuel with HEATDOC. HEATDOC is a fuel conditioner that’s proven to…

  • Protect your oil tank from corrosion
  • Prevent sludge from forming in your system
  • Increase the efficiency and longevity of your heating equipment

Read more about the benefits of HEATDOC.

If you’re looking for Bioheat® fuel delivery on the Cape or have questions about how you can transition to Bioheat® fuel, give Snow’s a call today! Already a Snow’s customer? Log into your account to request a fuel delivery!

Already a Snow’s customer? Log into your account to request a fuel delivery!