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Price Protection

Our Price Protection Program is open for the 2019 – 2020 heating season. Please watch for your personalized letter or email.

Benefit from certainty in an uncertain fuel market on the Cape with one of our Price Protection Programs.

Choose Your Budget Plan or Pre-Pay Program: Whether you are new to our Price Protection Program options or would like to try a new plan type, choose between our Budget Plan and Pre-Pay Program for the upcoming heating season. Our Budget Plans now automatically renew each year for customers that prefer the added convenience!

View the contract below, based on your fuel type, to sign up for your plan of choice. If you visit the office to enroll, please bring your filled out contract with you. 

Bio Protection Program

Our Price Protection Program is now open.

Enroll Now View Bio Price Protection Contract

Propane Protection Program

Our Price Protection Program is now open.

Enroll Now  View Propane Price Protection Contract

We Help You Control Heating Costs

One of the best ways we can help you control home heating costs is to offer a Price Protection Program. This gives you the opportunity to lock into a capped fuel oil or propane price for the upcoming heating season. We also offer a prepayment discount for maximum savings. Because this is a popular program and supply is limited, we encourage you to respond early when we roll out the program in the late spring.

We Partner with Industry Experts

Knowing when and at what price to buy fuel is key to this program. And, because so many factors influence the global market, it’s a constant tightrope walk. This is why we work closely with experts in the fuel oil and propane industry. In preparation for each heating season, we buy large contracts of fuel at advantageous prices. By doing so, we can offer you more competitive rates—and certainty in an uncertain market.

Benefits of Locking into a Capped Rate

When you join our Price Protection Program, there are no unpleasant surprises about fuel costs. You will never pay more per gallon than the capped price you locked in. And, if the daily market price is below your capped rate when you receive a delivery, you will pay the lower price. Having a capped rate is a win-win situation because no matter how the market fluctuates, you always pay the lowest price. This knowledge helps you budget fuel costs and gives you peace of mind.

We’re Here to Help

Our list of Frequently Asked Questions, along with the contract available at the beginning of the heating season, provides additional information about the Price Protection Program. If you have any questions at any time, though, we’re just a phone call away.

Program Summary

During the program, you will never pay more than the capped rate stipulated in your contract. If the daily market price is below the capped rate, you will pay the lower price.

The capped price will be determined by the payment option you select: Pre-Pay or Budget.

We offer a discount for prepayment. Payment is due in full with contract

If you do not choose the prepay option, your total cost will be divided into installments payable monthly.

At the beginning of the heating season, you determine the number of gallons of fuel you would like to purchase at the capped rate. If you are a new customer, we will help you estimate the number of gallons you will consume.

There is a Price Protection Insurance Fee under this program. It is determined by and paid to hedging companies. We share the cost of this fee and do not derive any profit from it. Your share is based on your projected fuel consumption.