Residential Oil Delivery on Cape Cod

As a Snow’s oil heat customer, you receive the full benefits of a 5% blend of Bioheat fuel in your tank. We encourage customers to enroll in our Automatic Fuel Delivery program for total convenience.

Automatic Bioheat® Fuel Delivery

Automatic heating oil delivery will help take the hassle out of scheduling your heating oil deliveries throughout the year. This is a popular program among our customers as it is available at no extra cost.

Benefits of Automatic Oil Delivery

  • Regular deliveries of fuel
  • Security of uninterrupted heat
  • Eligibility for contract pricing


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Contact us for Automatic Fuel Delivery


For our seasonal customers, please consider signing up for one of our oil service plans that include automatic delivery. Not only will automatic deliveries provide an added layer of safety for your home throughout the year, but they will give you peace of mind throughout the winter. Contact our office to learn more and to sign up for this added convenience.

Will-Call Bioheat Fuel Delivery

You may opt for will-call Bioheat fuel oil delivery and call Snow’s directly to arrange each delivery. If you contact us within regular business hours, we will respond to your inquiry for fuel delivery within 24 hours. Please keep in mind that there is an extra charge for Sunday delivery. If you choose will-call, always check the tank gauge before calling. The best time to fill a tank is when the gauge is at one-quarter (¼) full. Wondering when you should order oil? Click here to see our tank chart.

We Don’t Want You to Run Out of Fuel!

Complete a quick customer information questionnaire to update your account. We need this important information in order to prepare for the coming cold months.

Convenient 24-Hour Emergency Service

Snow’s provides around-the-clock emergency service to customers who enroll in our Automatic Fuel Delivery program and use us as their sole fuel provider.

General Reminders

Snow Removal
Please clear the area around the fill location and shovel any driveways or walkways so that our drivers and technicians can access your property safely. If you’re away from your Cape home during the winter, please provide contact information for the person/company responsible for snow removal.

If you rent property and the tenants are responsible for paying for fuel:

  • Inform them they must open an account with Snow’s for fuel deliveries and are subject to the same credit terms as all customers.
  • Notify Snow’s of the date tenants will assume responsibility for fuel deliveries.
  • Notify Snow’s 30 days in advance of tenants moving out.
  • Note: all service calls will be billed to your account.