EV Charger Installations on Cape Cod

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Snow’s is pleased to provide electric vehicle (EV) charging station installations for our customers on the Cape. Our electrical division is here to install a charger for your electric car safely so that you can enjoy the convenience of charging at home.

Electric Car Charging Installations from the Pros at Snow’s Fuel

Having an electric car has so many perks but having to hike down to the public charging station isn’t one of them. You can skip the worry of making sure there’s a charging station on your route to work or the grocery store by installing an EV charging station in your home. Residential electric vehicle chargers can recharge electric cars twice as fast as the standard charging cord. Just plug your car in when you get home each night, and you’ll have the power you need by morning.

Contact Snow’s to request an estimate on an EV charger for your home on the Cape today!


FAQs about Residential Electric Vehicle Chargers

Q: What is an EV car charger?

A: An electric vehicle (EV) car charger is required to power an electric vehicle. They are specifically designed to charge electric vehicles quickly and conveniently.

Q:  Are there different kinds of EV charging installations?

A: Yes, there are three different types of EV chargers for homeowners: First, there is the 120-volt charging cord that comes with every electric car. You can use this in a conventional three-prong wall socket, and it takes a long time to recharge your EV. The 240-volt electric car chargers work twice as fast as the standard charging cord and can provide overnight recharges. DC fast-charging car chargers are the fastest option and are only available at public charging sites.

Q: What type of EV car charger can I get installed at my home?

A: The 240-volt electric car charger is the best option for at-home charging for your electric vehicle. You can charge your EV overnight while it’s parked in your garage or driveway and be ready to go for your commute every morning.

Q: Do I need a professional to install an EV charger at my home?

A: Yes, 240-volt EV chargers require a professional to make sure your EV station is installed properly and safely. Our highly experienced and trained electricians can provide this service for you.

Q: How can I get an EV charging installation on Cape Cod?

A: Snow’s makes it easy to add an EV charging station to your home. Simply give us a call at (508) 255-1090, and we can provide a free estimate on a professionally installed EV charging station.