Heating Oil, Propane Delivery, & HVAC in Eastham, MA

Local HVAC and Fuel Delivery on Cape Cod

You’re an Eastham, MA homeowner, so you know how important it is to have a fuel delivery and HVAC  company that you can trust to serve you well all year. At Snow’s Fuel Company, we deliver quality Bioheat® heating oil and propane, provide high-quality service, and install high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment. We also provide plumbing services to all of our customers in the Eastham, MA area. Click the link below to learn more and apply for credit at Snow’s!


Oil & Propane Delivery for Cape Cod Homeowners

If you heat your home with heating oil or propane, Snow’s Fuel Company will offer you convenient options for payment and delivery. Homeowners of Eastham, MA are enrolling today to help budget their home energy use and get the most convenient ordering around.

  • Oil and Propane Delivery
  • Pay per Delivery
  • Will-Call & Automatic Fuel Delivery
  • Budget Plans
  • Fuel Price Security
  • Volume Discounts

Pick the oil or LPG fuel delivery option or payment plan that works best for your home heating needs!


Water Treatment & Plumbing Services

If you need plumbing service for your Eastham, MA home, who do you turn to? The easy answer is to choose Snow’s! We offer fuel delivery, heating & cooling services, and plumbing for the Lower Cape Cod community.

  • Plumbing repairs for showers, sinks, drains, toilets, and more
  • Water filtration/softening services
  • Winterization prep
  • Seasonal home opening
  • Water heater installation & repair

Trust Eastham, MA’s home services experts at Snow’s Fuel Company for your next plumbing installation or repair. Don’t forget to ask us about our water softening and filtration services!


Eastham, MA Propane Delivery Options

Propane, also known as liquefied petroleum gas (or LPG) is a trusted heating fuel for cooking and all your home heating needs. In Cape Cod, Snow’s Fuel Company offers the best price and service for your propane use. You’ll be glad if you choose us for your fuel deliveries!

We don’t just deliver your fuel; our propane services for Eastham, MA and the rest of Cape Cod go farther! You’ll find numerous service opportunities that take care of your entire house so that you get more benefits like:


Reliable Warming & Cooling Service on Cape Cod

Make sure your Eastham, MA home has a reliable oil or propane heating system for every season. Cape Cod homeowners know how important it is to have a heating and cooling system they can depend on. Snow’s Fuel Company has expert technicians for all of your heating & A/C needs!

We offer repairs, installation, and service to the following systems:

Ductless Mini-Splits

Propane Heat Systems

Natural Gas Heating

Central A/C

Oil Heat Systems

Keep your HVAC equipment running at its best when you need it most: call us for a repair or installation in Eastham, MA today!


Eastham, MA Bioheat Oil Delivery

Heating oil is evolving, and Snow’s is proud to provide it to our customers at no extra cost to you. Snow’s offers delivery of clean and environmentally friendly Bioheat fuel to Eastham, MA residents at a competitive price. Heating with premium #2 heating oil has a wide range of benefits for homeowners in Massachusetts, but Bioheat takes heating with oil to the next level in terms of our environment and community. Keep reading to learn more:

  • What is Bioheat? Bioheat a newly innovated heating oil blend that is produced by combining #2 heating oil (standard home heating oil) with biodiesel. Biodiesel contains renewable resources, such as soybean oils, to lower our carbon footprint and work toward a sustainable future.
  • Is it affordable? All heating oil we deliver at Snow’s is Bioheat heating oil, so there is no additional fee if you are already a fuel oil The best part is that Bioheat works seamlessly with all current oil furnaces and boilers.
  • Do I have to upgrade my equipment? No, heating equipment modifications are not necessary, if you heat your home with oil! Your home’s current oil burner, heating oil tank, & boiler or furnace are all compatible with Bioheat. If you want to switch to heating oil from a different type of fuel, we’ll gladly help you with that transition!

Have a question or want to switch to Bioheat on Cape Cod? Send us a message and we’ll reach out to you!