Water Heater Service Plans for Homeowners on Cape Cod

You protect your home, your car, and your family’s health with preventative insurance measures. Why not your home comfort appliances at your Cape Cod, MA home? Your hot water heater is an appliance that your family depends on every day, all year long for daily household essentials like showers, laundry, dishwashing, cooking, and more. That’s a lot of work for your water heater! A hot water heater service plan from Snow’s Fuel Company can give your hot water heater the preventative care it needs to keep running smoothly, and just-in-case coverage for your wallet in the event your water heater breaks down.



You can get 10% off your Water Heater Service Plan when you enroll in any Premium or Standard Heating Service Plan!

Hot Water Heater Service Plans for Oil & Propane Gas

No matter what fuel you use to heat your home, Snow’s Fuel provides a comprehensive hot water heater service plan for you. Our water heater service plans are designed to deliver the very best bang for your buck. Hot water heater service plans include:

  • Emergency & Priority Water Heater Service

    Rest assured if your water heater system needs unplanned repair that we will be there for you 24/7/365.

  • Annual Water Heater Tune-Up

    The annual tune-up will keep your system running efficiently, which saves on fuel usage and extends the life of your water heater equipment.

  • 20% Discount on Water Heater Service Work

    Parts and filters normally included with the tune-up are free with the Water Heater Service Plan. Other parts and labor will be discounted at 20%. (This does not apply to a water heater system replacement.)

A hot water heater breakdown can be a super stressful experience, but with a service plan in place you can rest easy knowing that you not only have high-value coverage for your water heater, you have local Cape Cod experts on speed dial to come to your home and fix it right away.

Have questions about our hot water heater service plans or any of our other heating and cooling service plans? Contact us today or visit our FAQs page.