Heating Equipment Installation

When searching for heating equipment repair and replacement on the Cape, count on Snow’s Fuel Company.

Raise Your Heating Equipment IQ; Lower Your Fuel Costs

The technological advancements in heating equipment have been improving year after year. Furnaces and boilers now use less fuel to deliver heat and hot water, are much easier to maintain, and are also smaller and quieter. Because of this, upgrading old heating equipment is an essential part of reducing fuel consumption and annual heating costs. While superior in many aspects, newer equipment still needs to be properly maintained to provide continued, safe operation at peak efficiency. The Snow’s team will work with you to meet all of your needs for HVAC system installations.

Equipment Sales, Installation, and Service

  • Double Wall Oil Tanks
  • Oil and Propane Tanks
  • Gas and Oil Hot Water Heaters
  • Gas and Oil Boilers
  • Gas and Oil Furnaces
  • Gas Stoves
  • Gas Wall-Heaters
  • Kitchen Stove Installation

Instant Hot Water—Anytime

Ask us about upgrading to a Thermo 2000 TURBOMAX® instantaneous indirect water heater, one of the most efficient and adaptable water heating systems on the market.

  • Compatible with oil and gas heat sources
  • Up to 99% heat transfer efficiency
  • Covered by a 10-year warranty*
  • Built to last 40 years

Save an average of 30% on your annual hot water costs!

*Please consult the terms of the warranty.

Do you know about our Interest-Free Term Payment Program?

To help finance this investment, we offer an optional Interest-Free Term Payment Program to creditworthy accounts. Learn more about our equipment payment program.

Equipment Payment Program

Are you building or remodeling a home or business?

As a member of the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Cape Cod, we can assist in choosing and installing heating and air conditioning systems.

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