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Forms & Contracts

We have created online forms to make this process easier and faster than filling out forms by hand and sending them to us.
If you need help call 508.255.1090 or fill out our contact form. We are happy to explain any of our programs.

Credit Applications

The credit application is used to determine the type of payment plan you are eligible for. Please fill out and submit your Credit Application along with the appropriate Customer Account form below to complete enrollment.

  1. Residential Credit Application
  2. Commercial Credit Application

Customer Accounts

These forms are for existing customers only. If you are a new customer please begin with the Residential or Commercial Credit Application above.

  1. Update Customer Account – Oil/Bioheat
  2. Update Customer Account – Propane or Natural Gas

Service Agreements

  1. Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement
  2. Electronic Monitoring And Service Agreement
  3. Electronic Monitoring And Service Agreement (Nat. Gas)
  4. Electronic Monitoring And Service Agreement (Cellular)
  5. Service Maintenance Agreement – Fuel Oil
  6. Service Maintenance Agreement – Propane
  7. Service Maintenance Agreement – Natural Gas
  8. Power Generation Maintenance Agreement

Other Forms

  1. Statement of Scheduled Delivery
  2. Update Contact Information