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Air Conditioning Equipment Sales, Installation, and Service

With a name like Snow’s Fuel Company, you can bet we deliver quality fuel and heating service. Did you know we offer complete home air conditioning service on the Cape, too?

Cape Cod’s Trusted A/C Service Company

As your local HVAC service company, Snow’s provides reliable heating and air conditioning service to Cape Cod homes. While keeping you warm each winter is important, our energy experts are here to make sure your home is comfortable throughout the seasons. Our air conditioning services and air conditioning system installations provide you with options for your home comfort and energy efficiency.

Our skilled technicians are experienced in installing whole-home central A/C systems as well as efficient mini-split ductless equipment. Protecting your investment in a new air conditioning system is important; this is why we offer inclusive service plans and A/C system service for unexpected repairs and annual maintenance.


What is SEER and why is this rating important when purchasing a new air conditioning system?

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) for a given energy system is the amount of cooling that an air conditioner delivers per watt of electricity used to power it. A model must be rated SEER-16 or higher to be considered energy efficient. A higher SEER unit uses less electricity and is, in turn, a more efficient choice for your home and wallet!

Make sure your A/C is ready for summer!

A/C tune-ups available through the spring.

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