Your Quiz Results!

Thanks for taking our quiz and entering our giveaway. One lucky winner will be contacted when the contest closes! Don’t forget that any customer can use our $300-off coupon to save on a generator installation.

Check out these answers to find out if you should consider adding a generator to your Cape Cod home this year.

Q: Do you have any kind of backup power supply right now?

If you answered NO then you should definitely consider adding a generator to your home! Without any form of backup power, you could be in danger if the power goes out. Losing power during the summer, hurricane season, and even winter can put your family at risk.

Q: Do you use propane to power any household appliances?

If you answered YES, adding a generator to your home is a great idea! A standby generator can be easily connected to your existing propane supply. If you don’t have propane, your generator can be installed with a tank to power it. Our propane tank monitoring will help you keep track of exactly how much gas you have to power your generator, too.

Q: Is your home a year-round residence or seasonal property?

If you answered either YES or NO, a standby generator is a smart move to keep your home safe. Year-round residents know that winter on the Cape is no joke. Having a generator will protect your family from summer outages and dangerous winter storms. Backup generators are also a great for seasonal properties because they have automatic power, so if the power goes out while you are away, you can rest easy knowing your property is taken care of. The best part of all is that we offer generator propane tank monitoring, so you’ll always know how much fuel is left in your tank, whether you’re on the Cape or not.

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