Be Prepared for Anything in MA with a Standby Generator

Cape Cod, Massachusetts is a wonderful place to live—four seasons, on the coast, and plenty to do! Who wouldn’t want to live here? But with living on a coast comes plenty of storms and sometimes unpredictable weather during the hot and cold seasons. Are your home and family prepared for anything Mother Nature might bring? Losing power isn’t only a pain—with food spoilage and a lack of hot water, it can also be dangerous to be overwhelmed by a lack of power on frosty nights or sweltering hot days. We get everything from nor’easters to hurricanes to snowstorms in New England; that’s why you should invest in a Generac generator from Snow’s Fuel Company.


Benefits of Automatic Standby Generators on Cape Cod, MA

Set it and forget it: You’ll get these benefits without having to think about setting up your generator whenever you need it. Just make sure you have enough fuel and get it serviced annually.

  • Automatic backup power during outages
  • Connection to your existing propane gas supply
  • Maintained at zero cost to you until generator turns on
  • Remote generator propane tank monitoring is available

Have peace of mind all year long: Forget worrying about erratic weather and winter and summer storms. With a standby generator from Snow’s, you can worry less about power outages and get back to what’s important. You’ll have automatic standby power delivered directly to your home, and you can choose which appliances, lights, and outlets you want to power with your generator.

  • Heating or cooling equipment power means no more stressing about storms of any kind
  • Power to lights and communication methods so your home can function normally
  • Plumbing and refrigerator power: never worry about toilets not flushing or groceries spoiling

Most importantly, protect your family and your home: Your family is the most important thing to you, and you rely on your home to keep you safe and comfortable.

  • Stay protected from power surges and fluctuations
  • Reduce the risk of discomfort, especially for the young and elderly
  • You and your family can stay secure all year long

Ready for a Home Generator Installation on the Cape?

If you’re ready to protect your family and home from anything nature might bring year-round, Snow’s is ready to help! Right now, we’re offering a great deal to get $300 off your home standby generator installation.

Sign Up for a Generator Service Plan

We also have a generator service plan to keep your generator ready to go all year long.

What’s Included in a Generator Service Plan for Your Cape Cod home:

  • Safety Generator Inspection
  • Annual Preventive Generator Maintenance
  • System Transfer Inspection
  • Priority Generator Service
  • Propane Tank Monitoring – Optional
    • Keep track of your fuel levels from anywhere
    • Be alerted when it’s time to order a propane refill
    • Always be able to turn on your generator when you need it