Summer Uses for Propane Tank Cylinders on Cape Cod

Spring and summer are the most beautiful seasons on Cape Cod and the best time to be outside. Did you know there are lots of outdoor summer living opportunities with propane? That’s right. Be sure to get your propane cylinders filled from Snow’s Fuel Company. We want to help make the most of your summer! Keep reading to learn the top uses of propane cylinders on the Cape.

Top Summer Uses for Propane Cylinders

Grills: Nothing beats a backyard barbeque in the spring and summer, especially for Memorial Day which is right around the corner. Get your propane cylinders for your grill filled so you can make delicious food for your family and friends this grilling season.

Fire Pits: Sitting around a fire and toasting marshmallows, making s’mores, and telling ghost stories is a great way to make the most of a warm summer night. You can fuel your fire pit with propane, so make sure to get your fill from Snow’s to take advantage of this fun summer pastime.

Patio Heaters: We all know that even summer nights can get a little chilly in the Northeast, so keep cozy with a patio heater. Spend the evening with your family and friends outside or a night on your patio cozied up with a good book. A patio heater will keep you comfortable all evening.

Pool Heaters: A pool heater will help you get the perfect water temperature for a nice refreshing dip in your pool. Whether you want to test the water with one toe at a time or just cannonball in, find your perfect feel with a pool heater so you can cool off without going numb.

Propane Cylinder Safety for Cape Cod Residents

Staying safe during the summer should always be a priority! Make sure you always keep your cylinders outdoors and never in enclosed spaces like sheds or garages. Keep your cylinders away from all heat and ignition sources and be sure to take them far away from your grill for storage.


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