Barbecue Propane Tank Safety Tips

Summer on Cape Cod is in full swing, and this year, seasonal and year-round residents are spending more time at home than ever. Make the most out of your summer with a barbecue grill setup. Along with enjoying the best flavors of the season, you’ll have a change of scenery from the kitchen stove and get to enjoy the beautiful weather that summer on the Cape provides. We’re writing this blog post to help keep your Massachusetts home safe and sound with some important safety tips you should know when transporting and using propane barbecue cylinders. Here’s what the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) recommends when it comes to cylinder safety:

Transporting Propane Cylinders on Cape Cod

Transport propane cylinders securely and upright, so they can’t fall, shift, or roll. Never leave a propane cylinder in a hot vehicle for a long time. Always head straight to your destination and take your cylinder out of the vehicle as soon as you arrive.

Connecting the Cylinder to Your Appliance

Whether you’re using your cylinder for a grill, a patio heater, generator, or other appliance, it’s important to know how to connect it securely. Just make sure your appliance is turned off, then follow the manufacturer’s instructions and be sure to check for gas leaks between the cylinder and the equipment’s fitting or regulator. Use a leak detection solution or soapy water to spray on the fitting: slowly open the cylinder’s valve, and check if any bubbles appear. If they do, close the valve, tighten the fitting, and try again.

Storing a Small Propane Cylinder

Propane cylinders should always be kept outdoors, never in an enclosed area like a shed or garage. Always keep the propane cylinder away from (1) your home, and (2) any heat sources. Be sure to take extra cylinders far away from your grill for storage. All ignition sources should be kept far away from propane cylinders.

Need to refill your propane cylinder for your grill, patio heater, or fire pit? Visit our propane tank filling station on Maine Street in Orleans, MA. Have more questions about propane safety,  don’t hesitate to give Snow’s a call! We’re always here for your Cape Cod propane and home comfort needs.