Outdoor Living with Propane Appliances from Snow’s

We love every season on the Cape but can’t deny there’s something special about summer. Grilling, lawn games, swimming in the pool…the list goes on! Are you making the most of your outdoor living space? Outdoor propane appliances are easy additions that can enhance your backyard and even increase your home’s overall value. Snow’s Fuel Company is proud to offer top-of-the-line outdoor propane appliances and the reliable propane delivery and gas cylinder refills needed to keep them running.


Summer Fun on Cape Cod? Propane Can Do That.

Propane gas can power all sorts of outdoor living accessories that will totally transform your patio, backyard, or terrace. These must-have propane appliances can even go beyond summer and help you enjoy your outdoor space longer into the fall and early spring months.

Patio Heaters

Even the hottest summer days on Cape Cod can turn into chilly nights quickly. Add a patio heater or two to your space to keep everyone comfortable even after the sun goes down. Propane gas patio heaters are safe to operate and can be easily refilled at the Snow’s propane cylinder refilling station in Orleans, MA.

Gas Fire Pits

S’mores, anyone? Gas fire pits are a family favorite for everyone, especially because they don’t require the extra mess and effort of a traditional wood fire.

Gas Grills

Gas BBQ grills are the preferred choice for outdoor cooking. They are easy to use and have the power to char or slow cook your favorite meals. Plus, cooking outside during the summer is a great way to stay cool and save energy.

Outdoor Kitchens

If cooking is really your passion, consider upgrading to an outdoor kitchen! An outdoor kitchen will add a serious boost to your property value and really make a statement when you have friends over for an outdoor meal. Depending on the property and equipment, an outdoor kitchen can be hooked up to your existing propane supply.

Pool Heaters

Take a dip anytime you want! Propane gas pool heaters are an affordable and efficient way to keep your pool at the perfect temperature.

Propane Gas Tank Refills & Propane Delivery on Cape Cod, MA

Snow’s is proud to be the one-stop shop for all of your summer propane needs. We deliver high-quality propane gas to our customers on the Cape all year long to keep essential appliances like water heaters, clothes dryers, generators, and more running. Plus, we offer a propane gas cylinder refilling station where you can fill up your gas cylinders for patio heaters, fire pits, grills, and more.