Generac® Standby Home Generators

Snow’s Fuel Company wants your home to stay protected no matter what, and on Cape Cod that means having a standby home generator to take over when the power goes out. Keep reading this page to learn more about our backup home generator installations, or contact us if you’re ready for a quote on your home’s customized installation.

Snow’s Technicians Are Certified Generac® Installers

You deserve the best—that’s why we work with Generac® to provide you with the highest-quality automatic backup power source for your Cape Cod home. Our team offers water-cooled generators to provide your family with the following benefits:

  • Reduced stress and better comfort during power outages
  • Less food waste due to unpowered refrigerator
  • Ability to heat or cool your home when the power is off
  • Option to use your well or sump pump during outages
  • Power to work from home during heavy snowfall and thunderstorms
  • Comfort of knowing your seasonal home has automatic backup power

Don’t wait! Contact the Snow’s experts for a backup power generator today.

Generator Maintenance, Repair & Tune-Ups

Installation of high-efficiency backup generators isn’t all we do. Our team is also trained to maintain, repair, and perform preventative tune-ups for your standby generator equipment. We’ll ensure your system is running the way it should, using fuel optimally, and not causing a safety hazard for your Massachusetts home and family. If you need generator service, our team is here for you—just like always.

Need a Generator for Your Business?

We do that, too! Visit the link below to learn more about our commercial generator installations.