Commercial Generators for Your Business

Companies on the Cape can’t afford to wait around for good weather in order to operate. You need a reliable source of power to fuel your operation year-round. That’s where we come in! Snow’s Fuel Company employs Generac-certified® technicians to recommend, install, and maintain high-efficiency generators that can keep your business’s servers running and lights on, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

Benefits of a Generac® Generator for Your Company

Power outages don’t mean you have to halt production at your Cape Cod business. Instead, employ a Generac® backup power generator to keep operating even when snow, ice, or lightning threaten your efficiency. Our team offers water-cooled generators to provide your business and employes with the following benefits:

  • Automatic power backup no matter the size of your business
  • Incorporates seamlessly with your existing fuel supply
  • Ability to keep the lights on, outlets powered, and HVAC running
  • Expert customer support from the Snow’s team

Water-cooled generators offer the additional benefit of being more durable and long lasting due to their ability to control heat more effectively.  First, the fluid runs through the system to absorb heat, then it passes through the radiator and is cooled down via a fan.

Don’t wait for a storm to knock out your power supply to realize just how easy and valuable it is to add a generator to your home. Get in touch to learn just how simple a generator installation can be!

Full-Service Generator Installations & Maintenance

Our team is qualified and trained to perform the full suite of generator service, extending beyond installation to walk you through the entire lifespan of your commercial generator. We provide annual tune-ups, preventative maintenance, repairs, and safety checks to ensure your equipment is functioning the way it should. If you need generator service, we are here for you.

Need a Residential Generator?

We do that, too! Visit the link below to learn more about our standby generator installations for homes on the Cape.