What Makes a Heating Service Plan Really Worth It

It’s generally a good idea to have a service plan for many of the items you use in your day-to-day life, like your car, your phone, and anything else that could cost you a bundle if it breaks. So, when winter rolls around on the Cape, your heating system may be top of mind. Sure, furnaces, boilers, and water heaters are pretty expensive pieces of home comfort equipment – and not only are they expensive, but they are also necessary to maintain your home comfort. When it comes to repairs, unexpected breakdowns, misfires, or malfunctions, the best thing you can do is protect your heating system, home comfort, and budget with a heating service plan.

Taking care of your heating system doesn’t have to be a costly investment. Enrolling in a heating service plan with Snow’s Fuel Company will give you the advantage of all kinds of maintenance savings that will have a positive impact on your home comfort budget.

The Unbeatable Benefits of a Service Plan

It’s no secret that service plans come with tons of benefits that homeowners would not want to pass on! Tune-ups, discounts, and included parts and labor are just a few of the perks, but check out this list to get a better idea of why you should enroll today!

  • Dozens of parts are covered 100% for repair or replacement*
  • Rest assured with 24/7 emergency and priority service available
  • Annual tune-up and safety check are already included
  • Avoid costly, unpredictable equipment malfunctions
  • Discounts on service work and parts any time of the year

Preventative maintenance, such as an annual tune-up, will help save you time and money and ensure your heating system operates at peak efficiency when you need it to. During your annual system tune-up and safety check, a technician will replace air filters, thoroughly check the unit’s parts, wiring, and electrical connections, and more!

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Enroll in a Heating Service Plan Today with Snow’s Fuel Company

When the coldest times of the year come around the Cape, Snow’s Fuel Company is here to help you keep your home as comfortable as possible with our inclusive heating equipment service contracts. From reliable fuel delivery to expert heating services, we aim to help protect your home all year long. With us, unforeseen breakdowns don’t have to break the bank with a service contract to help protect your wallet. Sign up for our heating service plan to ensure your family and home stay comfortable all season long.