Beginning February 2nd, the Snow's Fuel Company offices will be closed on Saturdays during the winter season.
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Please complete the below Residential Credit Application Enrollment form to be eligible to enroll in select Snow’s services. This Credit Application is only used to determine your payment plan eligibility, and is not used to provide credit through Snow’s Fuel Company.

In addition to this Credit Application, you must fill out and submit a corresponding Customer Account form in order to complete your enrollment.

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Residential Information

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Complete only if another person will use this account or sign the agreement, or if you wish the income and/or credit worthiness of the other person considered.

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   I would like to keep a card on file for future payments. (A Snow's representative will contact you for your credit card information.)

Terms and Conditions

If it is more convenient for you to complete your paperwork in our offices, we will be happy to assist you during business hours. Please print this form and bring it with you. Call us at (508) 255-1090 with any questions. View a pdf of the form by clicking here.