Common Misconceptions about Automatic Delivery

Last winter on the Cape was one for the books! We can only guess what plans Mother Nature has in store for the rest of 2019. Skip the stress of scrambling to order heating oil or propane before a big storm or predictions of a cold snap. There’s an easier way to heat your home: automatic fuel delivery.

Automatic Delivery: Fact or Fiction?

Homeowners that have opted out of auto delivery in the past often share some common opinions about the service. These misconceptions have given automatic delivery a bad rap. However, it’s actually one of the best innovations in fuel delivery! Let’s take a closer look at what automatic delivery really has to offer Cape Cod residents…

  • I will receive (and pay for) fuel deliveries before I actually need them.
    FICTION! When you sign up for automatic oil or propane delivery, Snow’s creates a custom delivery schedule just for you. We closely monitor your fuel usage and track other factors, like weather predictions, property size, and heating preference, to accurately estimate when you are due for a fill-up. Auto deliveries may seem like they are made too early, but it is important to fill your tank when it reads ¼ or more to best prevent a runout.
  • Automatic delivery reduces the risk of a fuel emergency.
    FACT! Running out of heating fuel is an unnecessary safety hazard that can cause significant damage to your home. It can damage your tank and your heating system, and can even cause your pipes to freeze and burst! Automatic delivery is the simplest way to avoid all of that.
  • Automatic delivery is more expensive than will-call delivery.
    FICTION! Automatic deliveries are made at the same daily price per gallon as will-call deliveries, and there is no additional cost to sign up! By preventing fuel runouts, you also avoid paying for emergency fuel refills and priming fees.
  • Automatic delivery isn’t really more convenient than will-call.
    FICTION! Automatic delivery is designed to make your life easier. Signing up for automatic delivery takes two major items off your ever-growing to-do list: checking your fuel tank level and remembering to order fuel. Not to mention, there is no need for you to be home when we deliver!

When you take a hard look, the benefits of auto delivery are clear. Automatic delivery is available to seasonal and year-round residents that use heating oil or propane. If you aren’t signed up yet – there’s still plenty of time! Contact us with any questions or to become an automatic delivery customer.