5 Things You May Not Know about Automatic Delivery

For many homeowners on the Cape, cost and convenience play a major role in determining which fuel source and which fuel company to rely on for warmth each winter. When you choose a full-service heating oil or propane provider, you can take advantage of services like automatic delivery to make a recurring task on your winter to-do list a whole lot easier.

With automatic delivery, leave your fuel ordering and scheduling to us. Instead of placing orders by calling our office, we create a delivery schedule for each customer based on weather, home size, number of occupants, and indoor temperature preference to predict when you’ll need your next delivery.

Simple, automated, and almost entirely hands-off for homeowners, this delivery option may seem too good to be true. Here’s what else we think you should know about automatic delivery.

1. It’s available for heating oil and propane customers.

Whatever your energy choice, there’s a simple fuel ordering and delivery solution made possible by a local team you know and trust.


2. You can sign up at any time.

While payment and price protection programs often have enrollment deadlines, make the switch to automatic delivery during any month of the year!


3. It’s one of the many perks of a heating service plan.

Standard and Premium plans include automatic delivery, an annual tune-up, emergency service, discounts on service work, and more.


4. There’s absolutely no additional cost.

Greater convenience without the price tag? That’s a no-brainer.


5. You should still check your fuel tank level every now and then.

When our team monitors your oil or propane usage, the likelihood of a no-fuel emergency is significantly lower—but not completely impossible. Please inform our staff of any changes that might affect fuel usage, such as an increase in household size, property alterations, or new fuel-burning home appliances. Running out of fuel can cause unnecessary risk to your home and damage to your equipment.


To learn more or to sign up today, contact the energy experts at Snow’s Fuel Company.

To Our Loyal Customers:

After recently experiencing the Cape’s longest cold spell in 98 years, reliable fuel delivery is top of mind for every homeowner in the area. No matter how the market fluctuates or how much of a challenge it is to keep up with demand when fuel shortages are widespread, we at Snow’s are working around the clock to make sure all of our customers are safe and warm. Thank you for putting your trust in us.