Answering Your Questions about Cape Cod Generators

If you’ve experienced even one winter on Cape Cod, you know just how brutal the winter can be. Even during the warmer seasons, we experience power outages from storms, high winds, heavy rain, and more. The good news is that Snow’s Fuel Company installs and maintains reliable Generac® generators that can help protect your Greater Orleans home. If you’d like to learn more about generators and have all your questions answered, all you have to do is read on!

Are generators a hassle to use?

Not at all! Our standby generators will connect to your existing propane supply and switch on automatically if the power in your home fails. There’s no need to get a flashlight, trek out to the garage, fill your generator with fuel, and connect it to your home. Snow’s will handle everything upon installation so all you have to do when the power goes out is wait a few seconds for it to turn back on.

Is it expensive to maintain a generator?

No, it’s highly affordable. You can expect the installation cost and low annual maintenance fees. The best part about having a generator is that it only needs fuel when the power goes out—if the power stays on, you’re not using up any of your propane. In addition, you’ll save on a lot of expenses that power outages can cause, including spoiled groceries, frozen and bursting pipes, power surges, and more.

Is having a backup generator worth it?

Absolutely. You may not realize the full extent of strain that power outages put on your family, but they can be extremely stressful, especially when they last for a long time. With an automatic backup generator, you’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. Plus, adding a standby generator will increase the resell and rental value of your Cape Cod home.

Request a Home Standby Generator Installation on Cape Cod

Request an installation, quote, or consultation for your standby backup generator. Snow’s Fuel Company has the dependable equipment and 24/7 emergency heating service you and your family deserve. Be sure to take proactive steps to protect your home, your family, and your property during the state’s coldest month of the year. Contact us when you’re ready for a no-obligation quote on a generator for your home. We’ll provide you with quality home protection services at a price you’ll be sure to love.