David E., Orleans, MA

Although my career took me in a different direction my real love is working with electrical and mechanical systems. Over the decades I have restored and modified cars, motorcycles, boats and I am familiar with the operating systems of aircraft. This experience has led me to know the correct use of the appropriate tools and materials when completing a job or project (busted knuckles notwithstanding). Having stated this, it must be evident that I place great value on a service tech’s ability to complete an esoteric job properly, employing the correct tools and materials and leaving the job site neat and clean when the work is done.

Bob Anthony has exceeded my expectations in all areas of the scheduled oil burner service and the subsequent expansion tank and pressure gauge replacement. He graciously allowed me to observe him at work, and answered questions about my heating/hot water system. Clearly Bob respected a customer who really wants to understand the specifics of his heating unit.

I give Bob FIVE STARS for a job well done. It is comforting to have the peace of mind that a reliable heating system brings to a family in mid winter. I also thank Jim (in the office) who gave me his attention and understood what was on my mind when I initially called for service.