Nancy N.,

Our family has had a long tie with Snow’s going back to my father, a businessman who, back in the fifties, had some conversations with founder, Harry Snow, he admired as a forward-looking and honorable man. Fast forward to our present unique Snow’s. Who else in all the world carries curtain shade pulls, fine china, paint in all shades, children’s trains, pretty quilts, garden hoses, and oil? Through all the weather, both emotional and physical, Snow’s has carried me through. They have always answered my calls. Like most people I’ve had some critical life moments and Snow’s has never let me down. I love the fuel department and know them all ‚Äî Richie, the longest and Kathy, their accountant. The paint department is superlative. You can ask them anything. And the hardware department always finds that screw.

Thank God for Snow’s!