Kathy H.

My husband and I built our home in 1979 with only one zone for heating. Several years later, we added onto the house and added another zone. The boiler that we had could handle this so we had no worries. Several years after another addition, a new zone was added. To tell the truth, I do not know if the boiler could handle this new addition as we had a lot of solar exposure during the day and we heated with wood. It was after the final addition that we started having issues with reduced or no heat to some areas of our house. The lesson learned in this, is to question the installer which we never did. We just assumed and assumed wrong that they knew what they were doing. It is important to note that Snow’s did not do any of the original installation.

Kevin Corcoran was great. He came over and pointed out to us that the piping was not done correctly and zones were crossing over or joined so we were not getting heat where it was needed. Since the boiler was working overtime to keep up with the heat requirement, the life expectancy was shortened.

We made the decision to redo the piping and to replace the boiler. We just cannot believe how neat and organized everything is and I now heat in all zones. The staff even labeled all of the equipment! We are so happy with the quality of work that was done. A big thank you to Kevin, Herb, Gary, Dan, Bob, Mike & Tony for a job well done.

Thank you Snow’s Fuel Company.