Andrew C., Eastham, MA

Since we started using our summer cottage more — into the Fall and Winter — we came down one Friday and there was no heat and no propane for the stove or any boiler or for the furnace. I called Snow’s emergency and got a terrific response. An emergency person, I forget the name, but he lives on Campground Road in North Eastham, came right away. He got immediate infusion and restarted both the upstairs and downstairs furnaces. He then came back two more times over the weekend to make sure the emergency supplies of propane were adequate for heat, hot water, and other uses. I consider his service to be exemplary; high professionalism with a focus on service and making everything work well. I cannot praise him highly enough. In addition, Kevin, the service manager was very responsive, including scheduling delivery for the end of the weekend, making sure there were adequate supplies, changing our delivery schedule to meet our greater use profile.¬†In sum, the Snow’s team was highly responsive and turned what could have been an ordeal into a relaxed and professional fix.