I found out that I needed to have a propane tank recertified and I was told that your fuel division did this. I stopped in this morning and went into the office where I encountered‚ Fred. Fred took me out to the propane area where he checked my tank and found it to be in good shape except for some minor rust spots. He explained how I should touch it up with Rustoleum. But then he reached to a shelf and took down a spray can and did the spots himself. He filled the tank, then took me to the office where I paid. All the while he was extremely cordial and friendly.

I want you to know what a good ambassador you have. He didn’t have to do the maintenance on the tank, and he went out of his way to explain the process of recertification and how I should maintain the tank going forward.

By the way, I had been going to Agway to get refills in the past. They told me I had to get the tank recertified and that Snows could do it. While Agway is a bit more convenient because it is closer to my home, I will be converting to Snows now. You not only have good people like Fred, your refill charge for a 20 lb. tank is $16.50 compared to $19.99 at Agway.