Jarice H., Harwich, MA

On the day of my closing on a new property, the realtor called me in a panic because the house I was scheduled to buy that day smelled like propane. In anticipation of taking possession of the house, I had established a new account with Snow’s – and a very helpful representative named Nick. I called at 8:30 am and Nick answered the phone. He competently and quickly assured me an emergency technician would be dispatched, and if it were just a matter of the former owner not filling the propane tank, it would just be a matter of getting a fill up on the same day. When I showed up at the house, the emergency technician was there, found the problem, solved it, and then gave me a helpful tutorial on how to monitor the amount of propane in the tank. I can’t thank the competence, compassion, and skill that both Snow’s representatives gave to a nervous buyer on a stressful day. By the time I was back from the closing, the tank was full, – the propane smell was gone, and I was able to move in. I’m sold on Snow’s service and their employees. So glad I signed up with Snow’s!