Richard M., Eastham, MA

My family has depended on Snow’s for fuel since the 1920s. Then it was kerosene and coal that we bought. Now Snow’s provides fuel oil for the furnace they installed 30 years ago and have maintained since. Recently the furnace failed just in time for Thanksgiving. The Snow’s service tech came first thing Friday after a chilly Thanksgiving and identified that the problem was electrical, not specifically with the furnace. Nonetheless, he rerouted power from the breaker box so that the furnace operated while I awaited the end of the weekend for the electrician. Although Snow’s failed to respond to or deliver the fuel oil I had requested the week before, that was not a crisis. The creative response to the electrical supply to the furnace more than makes up for the there shortcoming. Others provide less expensive fuel oil, but Snow’s is reliable. We plan to continue to do business with Snow’s Fuel for another hundred years.