Mark F., Orleans, MA

My wife and I just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding service you gave us the past two weeks. We just renovated and did an addition to our home in Orleans. I had scheduled an appointment for general maintenance for our 4 heat pumps and an electrician for a 65″ TV we wanted to have mounted above a new fireplace. When the gentleman came to clean the heat pumps, he did a fantastic job since they were dirty with all the dust from the construction the past nine months. I asked him to look at a central air unit for the two bedrooms on the second floor that had been installed probably about 20 years ago by the previous owners since it was not working. He said it was leaking freon and it was an outdated product that needed to be replaced. I said we want to replace it; I called the office the next day and they said they were preparing a quote and would get back to me soon. The following day (Friday June 21st) you emailed me a quote to replace the unit and requested a 50% down payment. We were at our house, so we rushed down with a check to get the process started. The following Monday I received an email from Kevin Corcoran saying our installation was scheduled for August 16th. We were very concerned since that was two months and our daughter was getting married in town on July 20th and wanted to use the house to get ready with her bridesmaids. I left that message on a voice mail for Kevin. He called me back within a few hours, explained that you were very busy but since I mentioned we had an electrician scheduled at the house that Friday (June 28th) he said he would see what he could do and maybe plug the leak to help us until the new one could be installed. He called again the next day and asked if he could get into the house to take the old unit away and would try to work with the schedule of the electrician coming Friday. They came back on Thursday to start the installation and I met his crew on Friday when the electrician came for the TV. I didn’t get his name, but he was very professional and friendly. He helped them with the AC unit, and they came back Monday morning for a few hours to complete. They even mentioned to my wife they had quoted a larger unit than they used so we would get a credit for the difference. WOW! Unbelievable service. Thank you so much!!