Karen D., Eastham, MA

Snow’s Fuel Company is not only extremely capable, efficient, and attentive, but everyone in this department is very caring and responsive to the needs of their customers. My mother, Mary Bolton has hired Snow’s Fuel Company to service and repair furnaces in both of her homes for about the past 5 decades. Recently, she had a small gas leak in her incoming gas pipe in the cellar in the winter of 2023. Snow’s coordinated service perfectly with National Grid to get the necessary steps done to get full service reinstated in less than two days. This was important to her since she was then 93 and would have found it difficult to be in a cold house for long. Snow’s has been responsible for keeping her gas furnace and gas generator running smoothly and consistently. The customer service department is always helpful and informative. Having a company like Snow’s to rely upon in a rural area like the Cape is a wonderful asset to the community!