Get Ready for Summer Outdoor Living

Ah, summer on the Cape. Warm air, cool breezes, and afternoon gatherings in the yard with family and friends that extend well into the evening… what’s not to love about the season?

The more important question is, is your backyard ready for summer? Make 2016 the year you become the envy of your neighborhood—create the perfect outdoor living space by installing propane-fired appliances that bring all the creature comforts of your indoor living space outside.

Propane’s Outdoor Versatility

When we think of propane for outdoor use, many of us immediately think of gas grills. And while that is the most common household use for propane outside, there are several other great ways you can use this versatile gas for your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Propane Uses:

Gas grills

Charcoal cooking is nice, but how often have you taken a bite of a burger that tastes similar to lighter fluid? Even cooking, on-demand temperature settings, and a fast initial heating period will have you wondering how you ever cooked with charcoal in the first place. Not to mention the clean-up is faster and far less messy (unless you like the look of black smudges on your clothing?).

Outdoor burner

Already mastered recipes on your outdoor grill? Kick your al fresco cooking up a notch with a propane-fired outdoor burner. Make a batch of country-fried chicken or beer-battered cod without the heavy oil smell lingering in your house for a week, or throw a memorable clambake that doesn’t take all afternoon to “bake.” You can even transform your burner into a smoker—smoked salmon and bluefish brunch, anyone?

Patio heaters

Make your patio as cozy as your living room with propane space heaters. These high-efficiency heaters provide consistent heating, keeping your backyard space warm, comfortable, and inviting when the evening breeze kicks in. Be forewarned: your guests may never want to leave!

Fireplaces/Fire pits

These days, people are trading in their tents and sleeping bags and opting to go “glamping” (glamourous camping) instead. Why not turn your backyard into your own personal glamping hub? Break out the s’mores and campfire songs without dealing with smoke in your eyes and smelling like a burnt log by night’s end. Propane-fueled fireplaces and fire pits provide all the joys of camping without the mess and fuss.

Pools/Hot tub

It doesn’t matter how high the temperature gets outside—no one likes jumping into an ice-cold pool. Make sure the water in your pool or hot tub is heated above heart-stopping temperatures with a propane heater. Propane heaters are less expensive than their electric counterparts, and can reach and maintain the desired water temperature faster and more efficiently.

If you’re ready to add some good, clean, propane fun into your outdoor living space this summer, give us a call today and we’d be happy to get you set up!