Start Thinking About Your Seasonal Home

Summer is far from over, but now is the time to start thinking about closing up your seasonal home. Whether you completely close up for the off-season or keep your home running for weekends and holiday visits, it’s important to plan ahead. Use these helpful tips to get ahead of the autumn rush and make your transition as smooth as possible. This way, you can savor every last moment of summer on the Cape!

We’ll Miss You When You’re Gone!

Preparing your seasonal home for cooler temperatures is a must for homeowners on the Cape. Here are a few easy ways you can prepare and keep your home safe through the seasons.

Tips for Seasonal Homeowners on the Cape

1. Shut off water and drain pipes

If you are closing up completely for the winter, contact your local plumbing service to set an appointment to drain the pipes and turn off your water supply. Draining your pipes and shutting off the water during the winter will help avoid water damage by preventing pipe bursts or leaks caused by freezing. Calling in advance will help you beat the fall rush and secure a time that is most convenient for you.

2. Keep your tank full

If you are not completely shutting down your home for the winter, it is important to keep your oil or propane tank full to prevent fuel run-outs or pipe freezing. Both can cause significant damage to your property! Leave your seasonal home in good hands by signing up for automatic fuel delivery to ensure that your home has the fuel it needs to stay secure while you’re away.

3. Update your contact info

Make sure your energy provider has your most updated contact information. This will keep communication effective while you are away. This is particularly important to ensure that your home is secure and give your provider extra information, like a contact for an off-season caretaker or snow removal service.

We’ve got several weeks of summer left – don’t wait for the leaves to turn to get your seasonal Cape Cod home ready for winter! Need to update your information? You can easily do that right here.