How a Service Plan Can Help You Save Money This Season

When winter arrives on Cape Cod you know the temperature can be colder than cold, which means you are taking full advantage of your heating system. But are you taking full advantage of potential savings when it comes to maintaining your home heating system? The good news is that taking care of your boiler or furnace doesn’t have to be as complicated or as costly as you might think. When you enroll in a service plan with Snow’s Fuel Company, you benefit from all kinds of maintenance savings that will have a really positive impact on your home comfort budget.

Why Sign Up for a Service Plan?

Service plans come with so many benefits that give you the kind of peace of mind any homeowner would be happy to have. Check out the benefits below to learn why enrolling in a service plan can really help you save on your heating costs.

  • Discounts on service work/parts any time of the year
  • Avoid costly, unpredictable equipment malfunctions
  • Annual tune-up and safety check are already included
  • Rest assured with 24/7 emergency and priority service available
  • Dozens of parts are covered 100% for repair or replacement*

Tune-ups are an absolute necessity to help keep your heating system running smoothly. Having an annual tune-up already included will maximize your energy efficiency and fuel economy, and a safety check will help ensure that your heating system is functioning properly. Any technology has the potential to malfunction and saving on parts and service help reduce a costly impact on your home heating budget; plus, the peace of mind knowing that if your heating system malfunctions during a time when other businesses are closed, but we’ll be there to help get it running again, is priceless.

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Protect Your Cape Cod Home with a Service Plan from Snow’s Fuel Company

Enrolling in a service plan means nothing but ultimate savings that will benefit you and your heating budget. If you have questions or want to learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of energy professionals who can help you figure out what plan is right for you. We have service plans for our oil heat, propane fuel, and natural gas customers. You can easily enroll online, so don’t wait. Enroll today.