5 Ways to Get Your Seasonal Home on the Cape Ready for Summer

Flowers are blooming and trees are budding—that’s a sure sign that summer is on its way to the Cape. We’re eagerly looking forward to welcoming our seasonal homeowners back to the area come Memorial Day weekend, and we bet you’re excited to be back, too. By now, we know you’re probably pretty familiar with the drill of seasonal home opening on Cape Cod, but all the same, it never hurts to have a reminder of a few must-do tasks when you get back to your property this season. Check out the list below and get in touch if you have any questions!

How to Prepare Your Home For Summer

Check your roof and gutters for signs of damage

April showers bring May flowers, but winter storms bring roof damage and gutter blockages. Check your roof and gutters for signs of damage, water spots, leaks, and blockages that can redirect water back into your home.

Prepare your water supply and appliances

Turn on your water supply and run it through your pipes and hoses to clear out any built-up junk from the off-season. If you need any plumbing assistance or water heater care, keep in mind that Snow’s employs plumbing professionals who would be happy to help with any water-related needs you have.

Have your air conditioner inspected by a professional

The last thing you want on a hot summer day is to find that your air conditioner isn’t working like you want it to. A preventative measure you can take is testing your A/C ahead of time and scheduling a tune-up with a qualified HVAC professional like Snow’s. We’ll get your equipment back up and running in time for it to keep you cool and comfortable during the next heat wave.

Check your dryer exhaust vent for buildup

If you have an on-site laundry setup, check your dryer vent for lint and buildup. You should clean this vent once per year (or have it cleaned by an expert) to reduce the fire hazard potential of lint hanging out where hot air blows every time you put a load of wet clothes in the dryer.

Make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy

Though nobody wants to think about the possibility of a fire at their seasonal home on Cape Cod, it’s better to be prepared for the worst. Fire extinguishers can be picked up at your local hardware store for around $30 and are great to keep on hand just in case.

Contact Snow’s for Assistance Opening Your Summer Home on Cape Cod

If you need plumbing assistance, an air conditioning tune-up or repair, or any other home-related service for your Cape Cod home, we’d love to assist you. Snow’s has been serving homeowners on the Cape for six generations, and we’re just getting started. Get in touch to request service today.