Savings for 2015-2016 Budget Plan Customers

Relatively mild temperatures and low fuel prices have made this winter a pleasant surprise for many of us in the Northeast. As oil prices have continued to remain low throughout the season, we want to make sure all of our customers are benefiting from potential energy savings.

We have revised our Budget Plan customers’ payments for the 2015-2016 heating season to reflect the lower oil prices we’ve experienced. It is our intent to provide all homes and businesses we service with the fairest and most competitive pricing in the area, regardless of how customers choose to pay for fuel. Whether energy prices are high or low, our Budget Plans are an excellent way to make payments more manageable during the winter months. This year, Budget Plan customers have spread out their total costs into small, convenient monthly payments and will be able to enjoy the oil industry’s 10-year-low prices.

If you’re a current Budget Plan customer, you will receive an adjusted statement in March. If you have any questions about the Plan or your payments, please feel free to give us a call!

Reminder: While automatic delivery and COD customers were able to take advantage of consistently affordable pricing this winter as it occurred, the market price of any fuel is never set in stone. Planning ahead by signing up for a Budget Plan each summer allows you to take advantage of more convenient payments and savings when the market is beneficial for consumers. Learn more about our Budget Plan!