Opening Your Cape Home for the Season

Things are finally starting to warm up here on the Cape. Summer will be here before we know it! If you are one of the many seasonal residents that returns to the area this time of year, you’re starting to think about opening your home for the season. Use this checklist to make prepping your home for the summer simple. In no time, you’ll be ready to start enjoying another season of fun in the sun.

To-Do List for Seasonal Cape Cod Residents

1. Turn on Utilities

Contact any local providers you use (cable, internet, electricity, etc.) a month in advance to have your utilities turned back on before your arrival.

TIP: Contact your local plumber to turn on your water supply. While doing this, they can evaluate your plumbing system and water appliances to ensure they are in top working order. Do not turn on any water appliances until your supply is back on.

2. Stock the Shelves

Send someone to the store to get provisions for a well-deserved meal and anything else you like to keep in the house. Don’t forget to plug in your refrigerator!

3. Check for Damages

Winters on Cape Cod can do a number on houses, especially when unoccupied. Check for signs of water damage and scan the exterior for gutter, window, or roof damage.

4. Do a Safety Sweep

Test light bulbs and electrical outlets to make sure they are functioning properly. Replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. It is highly recommended to schedule a tune-up for each of your heating and cooling systems, which will ensure they are operating safely and using energy efficiently.

5. Clean & Set Up Your Space

Make sure you have all the cleaning supplies you’ll need (like a vacuum, extra bags/filters, mop, sponges, etc.) to tackle dust and debris that accumulated during the off-season. Pull out the patio furniture, vacuum pillows, scrub down tables and chairs, then take a seat. You’re home for another summer!

Need help setting up your seasonal home on the Cape? Snow’s is here! Contact us for plumbing service, tune-ups, or anything else you might need.