No Power? No Problem.

Imagine this: it’s day two of a heatwave on Cape Cod. As you seek refuge in your home with the A/C turned up, you notice the sky getting dark. Really dark. Suddenly, lightning flashes all around, thunder rattles the house, and trees shake violently in the wind. And then… silence. But not because the storm is over; it’s because your home just lost power.

Now what? No electricity means no A/C in this heatwave. What should you do about the all the food in your refrigerator? It’s almost dinner time, but you can’t cook on the electric stove. You could go out to eat except your car is stuck in the garage. And where are the batteries for the flashlight??? Your list of worries grows with each minute in the dark.

Power Up

Forget the stress of a power outage. It’s time to adopt the “No power? No problem.” attitude with a stand-by home generator.

Installing a backup generator like a high-quality Generac® system does more than keep the lights on—it allows you to power up those home comfort systems and appliances that matter most to you. You can choose a whole-home generator, or pick and choose which systems and appliances you’d like to keep running in the event of an outage.

Where to Start?

If the idea of a generator is appealing to you, the first step is to get an in-home assessment from an authorized dealer like Snow’s. Here are a few questions to keep in mind when choosing a generator for your home:

  1. Which appliances/electrical loads do you want to power? Deciding to power your entire home or just select parts of your home will make a big difference on the size generator you’ll need. Tools like the Generac® Generator Sizing Calculator can help you set priorities for your home.
  2. What’s your budget? A whole-home generator may sound appealing, but they come with a larger price tag and installation charges are separate. Having a budget allows the assessor to show you the size units in your price range, and what those sizes mean in terms of powering your home.
  3. Where do you want to locate the generator? While there are specific installation requirements, knowing approximately where you’d like to put the generator will help the assessor determine which size generator will work for your home. It’s also helpful to find out any HOA or community restrictions in advance.

Learn more about Snow’s generator installation services and give us a call today to schedule your assessment at 508.255.1090.