Interested in Converting Your Heating System to Gas? Choose Propane!

Have you been considering converting your Cape Cod home or business heating system to natural gas? Although gas systems can potentially have lower operating costs than conventional oil systems, we would like to propose an affordable, clean-burning, and safe alternative: propane! Keep reading to learn some primary considerations you might want to examine before converting your heating system.

How to Choose Between Natural Gas or Propane in Massachusetts

Before you decide to convert your heating system to a new fuel source, there are some serious factors to consider. Weigh these potential obstacles as “cons” against your current list of “pros” to make an educated decision about converting to natural gas. You might find that natural gas is not the best option for you, and another alternative, like propane gas, could be the right move for your family’s comfort and safety. Keep reading to learn why you should stop and think before converting to natural gas.

Consider These Drawbacks Before Switching to Natural Gas

Issue #1: Major Utility Customer Service is Lacking

Unlike quality service from your local HVAC heating oil or propane provider like Snow’s Fuel Company, natural gas utility service is a large-scale business that handles customer service from major call centers. If you need to communicate with your natural gas service provider, you won’t be dealing with a local customer service representative.

Issue #2: Safety Concerns with Natural Gas

Unfortunately, natural gas is explosive and has caused issues in recent years that have drastically affected the safety of residents who use it. In September 2018, thousands of Merrimack County residents were evacuated from their homes due to natural gas explosions. Luckily, there are safer fuel alternatives available, such as propane, that are non-caustic, more eco-friendly, and have clear, distinct warning signs in the unlikely event of a propane gas leak.

Issue #3: Costly Conversions

Converting to natural gas is no walk in the park. When you become a natural gas customer, you will have to convert more than just your heating system! You will also have to convert all of your appliances or invest in brand-new equipment. This can be a long and expensive process.

Issue #4: Sub-Par Equipment Service

Natural gas service is a utility, like electricity, that does not come with any kind of service. Once you become a natural gas customer, you will have to find a local service provider to call for equipment conversion, installation, or repairs. This is a stark difference between trusting a local fuel provider, like Snow’s, that can provide reliable fuel and expert service under the same roof.

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The Benefits of Propane for Your Cape Cod Home or Business

Made in the United States, propane fuel has what it takes to power various applications. Whether you need to heat your Cape Cod home, switch on your generator, or fire up your cooking appliances, you can count on propane all year. This low-emission, clean-burning fuel is safe and reliable, helping you keep your home running, even when the power grid fails. Here are a few reasons we think propane is one of the best fueling options for your home on the Lower Cape:

  • Environmentally friendly: Unlike natural gas, propane is not considered a greenhouse gas and is safe for the environment if released into the atmosphere. As one of the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels, propane is an approved clean fuel.
  • Domestically produced: America produces more than enough propane to meet demand. The U.S. is propane’s leading producer, and propane production keeps quality jobs in our country. Due to the hard work our domestic propane producers invest, you can rely on propane’s availability and affordability to power your home.
  • Powering your home appliances: This multi-purpose fuel can be used for home heating, water heating, clothes drying, cooking, grilling, and more.
  • Stable, affordable prices: Propane is one of the most cost-effective fuels on the market today. Domestic propane production is expected to continue to grow rapidly, keeping downward pressure on average propane prices and keeping this fuel affordable and stable for the long haul.
  • Improved safety: We keep our customers safe by transporting and delivering propane carefully and performing routine safety checks on propane equipment.
  • Energy savings: Upgrading to a new heating system can also give you peace of mind that your equipment is less likely to need emergency repair.

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Ready to Make the Switch to Propane? Contact Snow’s for Expert Conversion Services & Reliable Propane Delivery

When searching for full-service propane, heating oil, and HVAC delivery companies in the Cape Cod area, Snow’s is your trusted provider. As a local heating fuel company, we’re there for you when you need us! Snow’s has been owned and operated by members of the Snow family for six generations. Snow’s Fuel Company’s team of expert technicians and office staff are knowledgeable about all of our products and services, and we will happily work within your preferences and budget when it comes to your energy options. As a Snow’s propane customer, you’ll enjoy all the perks of working with a full-service energy provider, like flexible budget plans, professional HVAC service, friendly customer service, and so much more. Click here to become a customer today, or click here to contact us!