Things to Consider Before Going with Natural Gas

Are you thinking about converting your Cape Cod home or business to natural gas? There are plenty of factors to consider before making the switch. Will it be affordable? Will it be a difficult process? Is it the safest option for your household? Check out these fast facts about natural gas to help make the right decision for your home or business. You might find that other fuel options could be the better choice.

True or False: Facts about Natural Gas on the Cape

True or False? I can get equipment service from a natural gas provider. 

False. Natural gas service is a utility, like electricity, that does not offer any kind of service. Once you become a natural gas consumer, you will have to find a local provider for equipment conversion, installation, or repairs.

True or False? Converting to natural gas can be a difficult process.

True. When you decide to convert to natural gas, you will have to convert almost every appliance in your home or you will have to reinvest in brand new equipment. It’s no easy process!

True or False? There aren’t any other safe alternative heating options on the Cape.

False. Both heating oil and propane are extremely safe. Heating oil is non-explosive and does not burn in a liquid state. Propane is highly regulated to ensure safe operation.

True or False? The customer service experience with natural gas companies isn’t the greatest.

True. Natural gas utility service is a large-scale business that handles customer service inquiries in major call centers. If you call your natural gas service provider, you most likely will not be talking to a local customer service representative.

Benefits of Heating Oil and Propane for Cape Cod Homeowners

Before you take the leap and make the switch to natural gas, consider choosing heating oil or propane instead. Both heating fuel options offer solutions to some of the road blocks that natural gas presents. Customers that choose heating oil or propane for home heating can work with a local full-service energy provider, like Snow’s, for professional equipment service, easy upgrades and maintenance, safe fuel delivery and operation, and most importantly: friendly and personalized customer service.

Contact Snow’s to learn more about our heating oil and propane delivery services. We look forward to helping you keep your home or business safe and warm this winter, and every season.